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How to use Salis products to treat Small Burns

Posted by Laura Bradford on

How to use Salis products to treat Small Burns

Curling iron burn? Hot stove? No matter how you've been burned, Salis Skincare is here to help!

Here are some things you can use to help the pain asap!

 - First off, Redmond Clay will help pull out the heat, and reduce pain. For light burns, we recommend making it a toothpaste consistency and then letting it slightly dry to pull out the heat. It works well with light sunburns as well. With a deeper burn, do NOT let it dry out! Wrap in gauze or cloth and wash it off before it dries. 

- You can also use the Blackhead Removal Mask to pull out the heat, it's a little more costly, but will definitely work well for burns. 

- After you've pulled out some of the heat with the clay, it's time to help heal the skin. Spray on the Hydrogen Peroxide (do not do if it is a deeper burn with blood, it will sting).

- Then, you can apply either scent of the Healing Spray. The MSM in the healing spray will help heal the burn more quickly, as will the essential oils. 

- Lastly, apply any of our serums gently to the burn. They all have loads of naturally occurring Vitamin E! Which helps sooth and mend the skin quickly. Any of them will work, but the Frankincense Serum is very healing because of the Frankincense essential oil. 

- If it is still burning a lot in the next few hours, repeat the process with the clay and the rest of the steps. In the next few days, make sure to keep applying the serum morning and night so that it can heal quickly and avoid a scar. 

We hope you heal quickly! 




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