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“I came a cross the first picture, it's crazy to see the difference!!! Thanks to Salis Skincare for teaching my about holistic care. My skin and me are much happier because of you Laura”

-Vanessa H

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“Your skincare line has SAVED me! I have been to so many dermatologists and been put on so many antibiotics, creams, washes and gels and nothing worked as well as your scrub and mask. I was also paying hundreds of dollars a month for those other products. Seriously, I could not be more grateful to have such beautiful skin. I recommend Salis Skincare to EVERYONE!!”


Check out products used


"Here is the worst year for my skin. I'll be forever grateful for you & your knowledge. You're a blessing... I mean it, really."

-Nel F.

Check out products used

Here's What Our Happy Customers are saying.

Okay now this stuff is seriously my holy grail! I never thought I could say that about a product given my acne issues, scaring, and redness. BUT this stuff is the REAL deal. I love how it's gentle enough but can still exfoliate. I love to leave this on for about 10 minutes so everything soaks in and my skin looks and feels so soft! Three weeks using the Lavender & Jasmine scrub along with a few other products of hers and my face is looking like I never thought it would! THANK YOU! 

Ashley Gutierrez

If you're contemplating ordering the Blackhead Removal Mask, DO IT. Trust me. You won't regret it. I've strugglef with acne for over twelve years, and I have never been able to get rid of the black heads on my nose. I've tried dozens of creams, face washes, and even medication and nothing worked. Except this mask! After the first two days I noticed all my black heads on my nose were gone AND my pores were smaller. This company has completely changed my skin care regimen and I'm thrilled with the results!

Megan Schmaltz

Laura at Salis Skincare is so knowledgeable and genuinely passionate about organic skincare. I did a phone consultation because I live in Houston. She was so helpful and got me going on a regimen suited for my issues. I recently had a quick trip to Utah and an appointment with her was at the top of my list. It was the BEST facial I have EVER had. I wish I could see her every month! She's amazing!

Jillian Kennedy

My god! I've been using the Lavender & Jasmine salt scrub for a few months off and on. When I don't use it my skin is oily and very prone to black heads. When I do, it's like a baby's bottom. I don't need any kind of moisturizer or cleanser. It's the only thing I put on my face. My boyfriend loves the effects it has on my face! AWESOME STUFF!

Kathryn Wright

I bought a number of her products and they are AMAZING!!! My skin is loving it so much. Thank you!!!!

Autumn Bryson

I lovvvveeee the lavender & jasmine scrub!! It works incredibly well. I had bad acne on my chin and it went away after a few weeks of using this. It also smells wonderful and leaves your skin feeling moisturized.

Hailey Farris

Wow is all I can say about the calendula scrub. I noticed a difference in my skin tone and texture almost right away. I gave some to my mom to try, and she ordered some right away. Please never stop making this!


I have seen a noticeable difference in the overall texture of my skin as well as a general softening of wrinkles, not to mention the fact that I haven't had a serious breakout since I started using this scrub. Seriously, give this stuff a chance because it is worth every penny!

Carly Palacios

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, This product. It is my favorite scrub I have ever used. 

Angela D. Larsen

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