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Want Smooth Summer Skin? Follow Our Ultimate Shaving Guide!

Just as you’re settling in to finish up the final episodes of Bridgerton on Netflix, you get a call from your BFF, “We’re going to the beach! Pick you up in an hour!”

You look down and you see a layer of fuzz that needs to go if you’re going to be putting on your bikini in an hour!

Before you stumble around, and maybe even think about doing the dry shave (big no-no!), hear us out…

You can get the perfect shave in a very short amount of time, just by following a few simple steps. And we just so happen to have laid those steps out for you in our ultimate shaving guide below.

Whether you have very little time or are in for a pamper sesh, follow this guide and say goodbye to accidents, ingrown hairs; and say hello to smooth gorgeous summer skin all season long. 

First things first, prep your skin

If you’ve ever tried shaving in cold water, or without opening your pores, you know the hurt that can cause. Your blade glides across your skin in a bumpy fashion, snagging at hairs. This is a recipe for irritation that is hard to get rid of. 

So what should you do? Open those pores! Preparing your skin by opening your pores is the best way to get a smooth glide across your skin. You can either steam in a hot shower for at least 5-10 minutes, or soak in a bubble bath for the same amount of time before taking the razor to your skin. 

Once you’ve steamed, cleanse your skin with a natural cleanser or soap bar to remove any dirt and impurities on the surface of your skin that may clog your razor. 

Take it a step further by exfoliating your skin next. Exfoliating does wonders for opening your pores, and removing dead skin. Try our Sandalwood Salt Scrub, or alternatively our Lavender & Jasmine Salt Scrub; both of which help to break up bad bacteria on the skin while deeply moisturizing. Exfoliating also helps to prevent one of the most common shaving woes - ingrown hairs!

PRO TIP: While you're at it, exfoliate your heals with our scrubs! Your heels will be so soft and hydrated, it's amazing!

Remember: Exfoliate only before shaving, never after. Exfoliating after you shave may lead to burning and irritation due to your skin being so sensitive and vulnerable right after shaving. 

Next, get the perfect shave

  1. Sharp blade: The perfect shave starts with choosing the right blade. You want to look for a razor with sharp blades, and may consider tossing that razor that’s been on the side of the tub for a little too long! 

  1. Fresh razor in hand, while shaving you want to make sure to give the blade(s) a good rinse between strokes. Sure, you already made sure all the dirt and impurities are cleansed off your skin, but hair in between strokes may clog the razor and lead to irritation - the exact thing we’re trying to avoid!

  1. Of course you won’t be shaving just with water, you need to find a shaving foam/soap that offers that smooth glide. Look past any shaving foams that contain synthetic ingredients! They may smell nice, and offer a creamy shave, but what are the trade-offs? Synthetic ingredients do a lot of harm to your skin over time, which wouldn’t you say defeats the purpose of the perfect shave?! You may opt for a natural cleanser or shaving cream, or even go simpler than that with Serum as your shaving cream!

  1. Once you’re satisfied with your shave, the next step is to close your pores! Although it may not be the most comfortable (unless you’re use to cold showers!), cold water is best for closing up your pores and helping you avoid irritation. Not to mention, cold water is great for helping skin and blood circulation as well!

Don’t forget the after care!

Skin smoothly shaved, but it doesn’t stop there! Aftercare is just as important for keeping your skin healthy. Our Sandalwood Serum or Frankincense Serum would work perfectly for protecting your skin.  Lavender Jasmine Serum would also be amazing and smell amazing!

Never skip this step, especially if you’re prone to irritation, redness, and bumps!

Remember: Keep your razor dry (preferably away from the tub) between shaves which will help preserve the blade and prevent it from becoming dull and resulting in a less than perfect shave.

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