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Healing Spray Rose

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Hydrating AND Healing, this Rose Healing Spray is the quickest way to feel refreshed and clean. 

Bottle Size: 4 oz. 

How can this healing spray help your skin? 

  • Rose is very beneficial to dry and mature skin
  • It moisturizes and helps with acne, eczema, or inflammation, and capillaries
  • It also has a calming and regulating effects on hormones
  • It goes into the fine areas on the face such as around the nose or other fine areas that have redness and helps to relieve it
  • It doesn’t have a synthetic "rose smell” like many other rose products on the market. It smells divine!
  • MSM or powdered sulfur helps clear acne and adds sulfur (one of your skin's most vital minerals) back into the skin
  • Your skin is the most dependent on the sulfur mineral to act and look its best. Don't go without this vital mineral
  • The sea salt we use helps to kill off harmful bacteria on the skin and helps to reduce fine redness
  • Unlike our salt scrubs that you rinse off, this salt stays on the skin to keep working its magic! 


  • Shake well
  • Lightly mist onto your face to treat acne, redness, dryness, or other blemishes
  • Use in the morning to help tone your skin
  • Use any time of day to quickly revitalize your skin.
  • Keep in a cool, dark place. Refrigerate when not in use. 
  • Best to use under makeup if possible, but not harmful if used over makeup.
  • Can be used as an underarm deodorant spray.
  • Can be used on hair to help style your hair into a beachy look. The salt can help add waves to your hair and can help your hair from drying out 

NOTE: Do not use if allergic to sulfur. Do not spray directly into the eye or mouth areas. Contains no harsh or harmful ingredients.


  • Reverse Osmosis Water
  • Redmond RealSalt™
  • Organic MSM
  • Premium Grade Rose Essential Oil.
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  • No fillers or chemicals used so you're not putting junk on your face
  • Simple, organic ingredients that help show-off your most beautiful skin
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  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free (NEVER tested on animals)

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