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Can I use your products while pregnant?

Unscented or Calendula, just to be safe. With the Serums, the basic serum would be best.

To be clear, there is a trace amount of lead in the Redmond clay. Prop 65 in California makes you disclose if there is any lead in a product. Here is an article that you may find helpful: And the Redmond Clay internally is up to you, you may want to do less (like a 1/2 cup of clay water in the morning) if you're uncomfortable. In many African cultures they actually feed clay to help remineralize the mother and help her restore her mineral balance. But again, only do what you're comfortable doing. 


Will I break out with your products?


You may. Everyone is completely different, and is using different products, and has a different Acid Mantle (top layer of skin) then everyone else! If you're using products with a lot of wax, the jojoba esters (in the scrub and serums) can push the wax up and out of the skin. Causing a "detox" in the skin. This is temporary and can get worse before it gets better. The feedback that we generally get, is that the people who stick with the scrub, their skin looks better then ever after they detox! We're here to help your skin, we don't want it to get worse. 

Other skin types totally heal within 12-18 days and just totally responds well! We wish everyone was in this category, but some do have minor breakouts.


Can I use your products and other products at the same time?


Well... yes and no. Remember how we just talked about your skin detoxing? If you're using products that have lots of waxes and fillers then it creates a cycle of breaking out from detoxing, and then healing again. If you're having crazy acne, it may be best to hold off on the moisturizer. Because your skin needs to breathe. 

So, we're not snobs and you don't have to just use our line (we'd love you to) but just be aware that there may be some contraindications with other skincare ingredients with other brands. 


How long will it take to get my order? 


We usually ship your order within 24 hours between M-F (unless it's a holiday and we specify it will take longer). First Class typically takes between 5-8 business days and Priority between 3-5 business days.

International Shipping varies greatly, we cannot guarantee shipping times for international shipping, but we will do our best!

Due to COVID-19, shipping times with the USPS may be delayed. That said, you should receive your order within the time-frame specified when you order. 


What's your return policy?


We take our products seriously, and we hope you do too. We offer refunds within 90 days on all of our products. However, we recommend you try the smaller size products first. We offer the sizes so that you can try before you buy. We understand skincare can get expensive and everyone is different, so that is why we have these smaller sizes.

Unfortunately, glass is heavy to ship and we don't offer refunds on shipping. Product must be mailed back to us. Please see our contact page for our address.