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Which Salís Products Are Best For YOUR Skin Type?

If you’re using the same products as your mom, sister, or best friend, and they have different skin issues than you do... you. need. this. article!

We all have our own unique skin type, be it oily, dry or a combo of the two. 

You have to use ingredients for your specific skin type to see results. If you’re using an intensely hydrating moisturizer, for example, and you deal with breakouts on the regular, then chances are you are going to see an increase in breakouts.

This is not to say you should skip the moisturizer, you just need ingredients that will work at balancing and calming inflammation, whereas dry skin types may need something a little more nourishing. 

In today’s article, we share which of our products are best suited for the 3 most common skin types so you can finally start to see those results you deserve!


Inflamed skin is no joke.

Not only can it constantly flare-up in redness and erupt in breakouts that have you hiding your beautiful face from the world, but it’s also painful. 

No one should have to struggle with any kind of skin inflammation. There are many products targeted towards acne skin types, but most conventional products come with a dark side. 

They are filled with synthetics and harsh drying ingredients that further irritate the skin and actually contribute to the problem. 

You don’t want to strip your skin of oils, your natural oil is your skin’s best protection after all. You want to ensure you don’t do anything to negatively impact your skin's barrier so choosing healthy, nutrient-rich and toxin-free ingredients is your very first step. 

If your skin is super sensitive then we recommend sticking with our Unscented Salt Scrub, otherwise, our Calendula Salt Scrub, alternated with our Lavender and Jasmine Salt Scrub will help to reduce acne and lighten scars with regular use. 

Men may prefer the scent of our Sandalwood Salt scrub for acne/sensitive skin! Just because of the dudes love it, don't think that you won't as a woman. It's one of our best-selling scrubs! 

Our Healing Lavender and Jasmine Spray helps to calm, balance and soothe the skin and we recommend ending off with our beautiful Basic Serum for skin that may be sensitive to even natural fragrance. 

Our Blackhead Removal Mask is also highly effective if you are looking to clear blackheads fast!


We’ve all experienced dry, flaky skin and it’s not a fun place to be!

Before you even think about putting that much-needed moisture back into your pores, you better make sure you slough away those dead skin cells first! You want to open up your pores so your skin can simply drink up your serum of choice!

Start by nourishing your skin and getting rid of those dead skin cells with our nourishing and aromatic Hibiscus Rose Salt Scrub or Calendula Salt Scrub followed by a spritz of our Rose Healing Spray.

End with our gorgeous and super potent Hyaluronic Intensive-Seru gel for a deep dose of hydration that will minimize lines and wrinkles and aid in boosting collagen and elasticity!

Combination Skin

You may choose to multi-layer your products if your skin is both oily and dry. 

Why not start with our incredibly fragrant Spearmint and Vanilla Salt Scrub to refresh and clean before diving into the rest of your ritual. Warning: it smells so good you may want to eat it off your face. 

You may opt to do our blackhead mask on just your T-zone if this is where oil affects you most. 

Spritz some of our Healing Rose Spray, let it dry, and then apply our Frankincense Serum all over the face. You may choose to stick to our Basic Serum in your T-zone if this area is super sensitive. 

You may also opt for a more intense product in drier areas, such as our Hyaluronic Intensive Seru-gel. 

We hope this makes it a little easier when you browse our products! When you start using the right products your skin will reward you!

If you want to learn more about which Salís Scrub is best for your specific skin issues, check out this post.

Still not sure which product is best for your skin type? Take the quiz below for personalized recommendations!



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