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Our Founder On an ABC Morning Show - Talking about holistic skincare and Salís Products



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Reagan: It is a Utah's Own segment, and if one of your New Year's resolutions is to have more beautiful skin, then we have a holistic aesthetician here today, Laura Bradford with Salís Skincare. Hi!

Laura: Hi, how are you?

Reagan: What is holistic skincare, like holistic aesthetician?

Laura: Yeah, it's more just like all-natural ingredients, all organic, purest ingredients, but works extremely well, and it kind of helps like, get to the source, or the root of the issue rather than covering up other things, so...

Reagan: She has beautiful skin.

Michelle: Yes, you do.

Laura: Thank you.

Michelle: How were you inspired to create this?

Laura: Yeah, so I went back to aesthetics school, I graduated from BYU and back to aesthetics school and then I developed it, probably like three or four years ago.

Laura: Minerals are so good for the skin, and salt's so healing for the skin, I just decided to create it, just so people could wash their face with some really, really good mineral-rich salt and then it helps heal the skin, helps heal acne, because I had acne for a long time.

Michelle: Wow.

Reagan:  And that was one of your motivations, you were like, "No more acne, let's get rid of it." I mean, so many people struggle with that. Tell us about some of your favorite products that you have up here.

Laura: Yes, so I have a few different products.

Michelle:  Gosh, look at this before and after. I'm so sorry, I just got so sidetracked.

Reagan: That is a great photo.

Michelle: That's amazing.

Laura: Thank you, yeah.

Reagan: And how is that skin changed, with different products or one product?

Laura: With a few different products, so she used the lavender jasmine face wash, which is our most popular one. And then I just came out with a new spearmint and vanilla, which has been really popular, and then I also have a really nice sandalwood.

Reagan: Everything smells so good.

Michelle: Yum.

Laura: Thank you, thank you. Yeah, so it's like very simple ingredients, so it's just the Redmond Real Salt, and then Redmond Clay, and then certified organic jojoba oil. So it's all like, very, very basic, and then I also have a blackhead removal mask.

Reagan: Hi!

Michelle: Oh, thank you for that.

Reagan:  Uh, yeah. That's awesome. I feel like that should be in like a teenager's stocking stuffer.

Laura: Oh my gosh.

Michelle: That should be in my stocking!

Reagan:  Me too, but I mean, you know what I mean, when you're a teenager and you really get that oily blackhead-y skin.

Laura: Yes, yes.

Reagan: So what's the process, like you've put this scrub on...

Laura: Yeah, so what I do is when I first get in the shower, I just get a little bit of it, put it on my skin, let it sit for five, ten minutes, do all my other showering at the end, I just rinse it off, and you just rub the oil into your skin. So it's very, very simple, very basic. It's just kind of like... Think of it like a face mask in the shower...

Reagan: Ah, I love that.

Laura: it's really, really nice.

Michelle: And easy. So is the main ingredient in everything, salt? Is that kind of what the focus is, is salt?

Laura: Yes, yes, yes. So "Salís" is Latin for salt, and so it's "salt skincare."

Michelle: Okay.

Laura: So yeah.

Reagan: I like things with an accent, anyway.

Reagan: Salís Skincare.

Michelle: Salís.

Laura: Yes, this is a healing spray that I just came out with a couple of weeks ago. It's really nice, in addition to the lavender jasmine salt scrub. So it's really nice, you can just mist it on in the morning, it's really refreshing, has a lot of really good ingredients, has the salt in there as well, and it has lavender jasmine essential oil and then it has MSM which is powdered sulfur, so it's really, really healing for your skin. Your skin needs a lot of sulfur to like help.

Reagan: Can we bring up that before and after back that you just had?

Michelle:  I know, I'm just like, yeah.

Laura: Yes, yes. She had a lot of acne on her chin and neck, and on her cheeks as well, as you can see. And then that's about a year after. She came and did facials with me.

Michelle: Look at her skin improvement!

Reagan: That is so incredible.

Michelle: Okay, so you do... People can make an appointment, come to you, you do a whole facial treatment and everything using this product. What if you just want the product?

Laura: You can order online, I have... ship all you know, to the whole world, everywhere, and so that's really nice, and then I also... You can do pick-up orders in Draper as well.

Michelle: Well, we love that you are local doing amazing things.

Reagan: I do too.

Laura: Yeah. Thank you.

Michelle: This is so incredible. Congratulations on all the success.

Reagan: if you want more info.

Michelle: It's pretty ambitious to go and just start a whole skincare line, and you're doing it and it's successful, and it's working, so congratulations.

Laura: Thank you.

Reagan: Thank you, Laura.

Michelle: Thanks for being here.


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