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How To Love Your Skin on Valentine’s Day and Every Day!


Valentine’s Day is a great time to express your love for that special someone in your life. But I think we can all agree that Valentine’s day isn’t the only time we should show our people how much we care for them. 

The same goes for your skin!

Yes, you could lavish a little extra attention on your skin this V-day, but your skin will certainly appreciate the attention on a daily basis. 

In today’s post we wanted to share some habits that you can easily incorporate into your daily skincare ritual to show your skin some serious love year round. 

Of course, since V day is coming up, feel free to shower your skin (and yourself!) with a little extra dose of love because you are so worth it!

Keep it simple

If there’s one thing your skin loves, it’s routine, and a simple one at that.

Too often we get sucked into these ten-plus-step skincare rituals our favorite influencers promote all over their social feeds, only to end up disappointed when we don’t experience the results we were expecting.

When it comes to a healthy, happy skincare ritual, less really is more. 

As long as you are using high quality, nutrient-rich ingredients, you don’t need a gazillion products to enjoy truly beautiful results! 

Our salt scrubs provide a deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation all in one, and will leave your skin prepped and ready for your serum!

Stay hydrated, inside and out

Hydration is truly key for youthful, dewy and radiant skin. But if your skin is dehydrated, even the richest moisturizer or serum won’t help your complexion. 

Drinking at least two liters of water a day is incredibly important to keep your skin cells nourished from the inside out. Herbal teas and healthy smoothies count too!

What you do internally and externally counts, they work synergistically together. 

One of the best ways to treat your skin to deep hydration externally is to apply a facial oil. We adore jojoba oil because it is the only oil that mimics your skin’s own natural oils. That means it sinks deep into your pores providing instant softening effects and leaving your skin with a veil of beautiful hydration that is never greasy. 

This is our bestselling Serum, made with pure jojoba oil and the added benefit of Frankincense, a woodsy, spicy essential oil that can help to purify and center your mind, body and spirit, while providing both anti-aging and anti-acne benefits. 

Treat your skin (and yourself!)

Treating your skin to a little extra love is definitely necessary on the day of love, but you may want to carry the love with you throughout the rest of the year too!

A wonderful way to really treat your skin, not to mention your mind because this will leave you floating on cloud 9, is with a facial massage!

A Jade roller is a very special facial tool with a heap of skin benefits and once you start seeing the incredible results you will feel motivated to make this a daily ritual. It’s a wonderful way to release tension, in your skin and your mind, as you enjoy the feeling of your skin being gently rolled and massaged. 

Fill up on Valentine’s treats that feed your skin too

Of course V day is all about the treats! We are talking candy and chocolate galore, but all that sugar can have a bit of a detrimental effect on the health and appearance of your skin. 

Moderation is key and you should never feel guilty for indulging your sweet tooth, but there are some healthier options available that taste delicious AND feed your skin with a hefty dose of nutrients!

Strawberries dipped in chocolate are a classic V day treat, but instead of milk chocolate, why not dip them in melted dark chocolate instead? Dark chocolate is brimming in antioxidants, and you cannot go wrong with antioxidants when it comes to happy, beautiful and youthful skin!

Here are some more healthy Valentine’s treats that are fun to whip up, absolutely delicious and great for your skin and your health!

Let your essential oils set the mood

Whether you will be spending V day with your lover, friends and family, or yourself, it is all about setting the perfect mood. Yes you deserve this!

Essential oils are a great way to set the mood. A few drops in a diffuser will fill the air with sensual aromas that will soon have you feeling relaxed and in the mood for love. 

Of course, the type of essential oils matter. Jasmine, Ylang ylang, rose and vanilla are just a few of our favorite natural aphrodisiacs, but why not take it a step further…

Before your date (yes, even if it’s with yourself) indulge in our beautiful Rose Hibiscus Scrub or let the warm, sensual and uplifting notes of Vanilla and spearmint envelop you and leave a lingering gorgeous, subtle aroma all over your skin.

Sending you all the love from Team Salís this Valentine’s Day!

Always remember that you need to love yourself first and foremost. The relationship with yourself is the most important one and sets the tone for every other relationship in your life.

Taking time to nurture yourself through your skincare ritual is definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to showing yourself some love!

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