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What Foods Should I Be Eating for Healthy Skin?

Did you know that when your gut is working optimally, your skin will look healthy and clear, and you will feel great too?

When your gut is impaired or imbalanced, however, it puts your skin at risk. An imbalance gut means nutrients are not being absorbed and toxins are hanging out in your body which manifests as skincare woes. 

Processed, inflammatory foods like sugar, dairy, and fast foods all increase internal inflammation, reducing good gut bacteria and leading to those massive, stubborn pimples around the jaw area, increased sebum production, break down collagen, and accelerated aging. 

Cutting back on these foods and increasing whole, fresh foods are vital for radiant skin. Here are four of our favourite healthy foods you can start to incorporate into your diet. 

Dark chocolate

Hey, we wanted to start on an especially high note! Who doesn’t love chocolate?

As long as you’re munching on at least 70% dark chocolate, you are filling up on a powerful class of antioxidants, called flavanols, that have some serious skin perks!

Not only do they protect against UV damage, cocoa helps to hydrate the skin, boosting blood flow and improving elasticity for youthful, luminous skin! Cocoa can actually reduce stress hormones that lead to collagen breakdowns, stimulating new cell growth.  

This Skin Nourishing Chocolate Truffle Mousse will make all of your cocoa dreams come true!


These nuts are great to take the edge off your hunger when you have to wait for a meal and they are one of the top food sources of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant vitamin that helps to aid in tissue repair and regeneration, while neutralizing the damaging effects of free radicals. Vitamin E also nourishes and hydrates parched skin.

Almonds are brimming in essential fatty acids, to reduce inflammation and leave the skin positively dewy. 


We adore these lovely berries, ever tried dipping them in melted dark chocolate? 

Their bright-hued skin is due to anthocyanins, a class of antioxidants that help to fight off nasty free radicals while nourishing the skin cells from the inside out!


Some love em, others prefer them off their pizza, but if tomatoes are your thing, we have good news for you!

They are rich in lycopene, yes you guessed it, another powerful antioxidant! It can inhibit the enzyme that destroys collagen and has excellent anti-aging benefits. It doesn’t end there! Lycopene can also help to reduce inflammation and soothe conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

There really is no argument here. Your skin reflects your internal health and your internal health is determined by the foods you eat so choose wisely!

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