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5 Steps to Become a Poreless Wonder

Hey all!

Here are some ways to become what I lovingly call a "Poreless Wonder." Where literally, I wonder where certain people's pores are! (How do they do it?) As an esthetician, I do facials all the time on poreless wonders and others that can become poreless wonders. I am still working on becoming a poreless wonder (I've come a LONG way), and these following steps have helped me tremendously!

1. Steam your face for 30 minutes each week.

  Salis Steam

Steam helps open up the pores and bring the oxidized dead skin to the surface. Most often in my facials, it takes a good 30 minutes for everything to come to the surface. If you happen to have a gym pass that has a steam room, I would highly recommend going in for at least 30 min if you can. If not, you can put a towel over your head (see pic) and then stand over a pot of boiling water, or sit on a stool.

2. Try not putting ANYTHING on the nose or chin for a least a month.

This means no makeup (if you really need powder, it's ok but not ideal), no moisturizer for sure, no soap, no crazy toners (for a good recipe for a toner go HERE), no witch hazel, nothing that has alcohol, basically put NOTHING on your nose for a month. It may be hard, but I promise it really helps. Cleansing with the Salt Scrub or other cleansers are fine, just nothing sitting on top of the skin for a prolonged period of time. 

3. Refrain from picking or pushing stuff out through the pores repeatedly.


Pores don't open and close like windows. The more junk you push out through them, the more new junk will just keep coming out. It's like a fake exit sign if you let toxins keep exiting out a specific way, the more and more it will continue to exit that way. So put up a barrier and don't keep pushing junk out.  Try it for a few months and see! Usually, the pores will begin to close up or become more refined. Also, don't use crazy tools (like bobby pins, mom!) to extract blackheads. Use extractor tools that are made for extractions specifically. 


4. The blackhead removal mask will help to refine pores!

I worked on creating this mask for two years because I was sick of not being a poreless wonder. It took a long time to figure out, but now I am obsessed with this mask. It really does help to refine the pores, smooth out the skin, and emulsify blackheads. The hardest part for most women is sticking to the 3-4 nights. But if you are serious about becoming a poreless wonder, it's really not that bad. Plus, it has really helped the scarring from cystic acne on my nose which I wasn't planning on. That was an added surprise!

5. Blackheads can form for a variety of reasons but here are some that I have really seen a connection with.

Dead hormones and dead skin seem to be a big culprit. I generally will get more blackheads before my period. Different tips to help heal & balance hormones (like this article) have helped. Also, I have heard that it is closely tied with the gallbladder and liver not emulsifying fats properly. It may be helpful to take clay internally to help the body to detoxify the gallbladder and liver. Try noticing if you have an upset stomach after digesting certain types of fats. Or try out LypoGold from Enzymedica which has the Lipase enzyme to digest fats to see if that helps you. Or even another product that has the Lipase enzyme may help you as well. I hope these tips help you in becoming a poreless wonder! Let me know how it goes in the comments below!



Hi, Im indian and I plan on purchasing the salt scrub and the blackhead mask, however I do not see any of the country currencies while trying to order online on your website, its all in USD.
Also, when you say that we need to steam our face for 30 mins, does it have to be done for 30 mins at a stretch in one day and then repeat it weekly or do 3o mins need to be divided by say 10 mins per day.Post steaming how do we close the pores…by just using the toner or plain cold water.Sorry for all the questions.
Can’t wait to try your products.:)


Ok thank you for the info! I think I am going to order some of the mineral support and I’m interested in trying the peroxide too!

Salis Skincare

Hi Chelsie! Thanks for the order! I would use the toner after the scrub. But don’t think of it as “wiping” off. Just think of it like you’re adding it to the skin. Or if you’re still worried, tone in the morning and the do the scrub at night or vice versa.

There’s generally no interaction with other supplements – in fact in many cases it helps them to work better. If you are taking a prescription – it may be best to take it a half hour away from the prescription. And always take the clay in the morning.

It’s definitely always good to take enzymes even if you don’t have issues. They are just going to help you digest your food better.


Hi I just ordered more of your salt scrub! I was just reading this post because I’d love to become a “poreless wonder” haha. I have very large pores and feel they are so clogged even though I wash my face on a regular basis. For the toner, would you use that before or after your scrub? I like to leave the oil on from the scrub as a moisturizer so I don’t know if the toner would take it off?

Also for the supplements, does it matter who takes them- like can there be any interactions or overdoses with other supplements? Same for the enzymes, is it ok to take those even if you might not have a problem with the liver or gallbladder?

Thanks! Love your products!


Do we wash our face with the scrub before of after we steam our face? And after steaming how do we close the pores?..

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