Blemish Extractor Tool

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Blemish Extractor Tool

You Save: $-9.99 USD (100%)
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The cleanest and healthiest way to clear out your zits, blackheads or any blemish. Using your fingers to squeeze spreads germs and can harm your skin!

Instead, extract with this tool that professional estheticians use without paying for a facial! #winning 


  • Stainless Steel
  • Silver
  • Sealed in a plastic bag
  • For home use only


  1. Before you extract, steam your face for at least 15 minutes using one the four methods below
    1. Shower
    2. Pot or bowl of hot water and a towel
    3. Humidifier and towel
    4. Facial steamer
  2. When you’re ready to extract… 
  3. Use the large metal loop side
  4. Gently press the loop of the extractor into the blemish and push away. 
  5. Be gentle and only increase pressure as needed!
  6. On your cheeks, press to the side
  7. Wipe the extractor on paper towel or tissue between blemishes
  8. On your nose, press down
  9. Clean the extractor with hot water and soap between use

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