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Why Am I Experiencing Skin Purging With New Products & What Can I Do About It?

Have you recently switched to an all natural line of skin care products, only to feel disappointed with how your skin may have reacted?

Many people make the switch from conventional products to cleaner, toxin-free alternatives, and then when they experience breakouts and issues, they immediately go back to what they were using before.  

What many people don’t realize, however, is that your skin has to go through a transitional period before it can fully adjust to clean products. 

This transitional period is temporary and if you’re able to stick it through, the results of your new products will be well worth it!

Unlike conventional products, formulated with synthetic ingredients that only yield short-term results, clean products are made with powerful nutrients and active ingredients that help to provide long-term results. They really sink deep to deliver their potent benefits. You certainly don’t deserve any less!

Let’s dive into today’s post and talk more about skin purging so you know what to expect when making the switch and can be prepared.  

What is a skin purge?

To better understand a skin purge, we like to compare it to a body detox, because essentially, that’s exactly what it is. 

When you stop eating processed foods, and make the switch to cleaner, more nutrient-dense foods, those toxins from foods you may have eaten before need to go somewhere. 

Before they exit your body, they still float around and may contribute to some pretty uncomfortable symptoms including irritability, insomnia, moodiness, fatigue, even mild depression. As they start to make their way out of your body you may experience some skin irritation and sensitivity too, including breakouts. 

This detox phase is temporary, once the toxins are replaced with all those nutrients you started filling your body with, you’ll start to feel your energy levels climb, you’ll boost your immunity and you’ll feel healthier and happier than ever before. 

Skin purging is the same concept. Unlike synthetic ingredients that often only provide short-term results and simply cover up skin issues without getting down to the root issue (quite literally) clean, toxin-free ingredients flush any surface level toxins out from under your skin by sinking deep into your pores to deliver their active ingredients. 

This is why you may experience breakouts when switching to cleaner products, it’s toxins that have been forced out of your pores and have now made their way to the surface of your skin where they manifest as blemishes.  

It’s also more common to experience skin purging with products targeted towards acne as they help to pull toxins up and out of your pores so you can enjoy clear, healthy skin.  

How do I know it’s skin purging and not just breakouts? 

It’s natural to panic when you try a new product and your skin starts to erupt in pimples. 

If it happens suddenly though, after trying a new natural product then chances are it’s very likely a result of skin purging.  

Acne breakouts occur on a regular basis and may result from many different factors, including stress, processed foods, hormonal changes and even environmental factors. 

While acne breakouts may occur anywhere on the face, they are more likely to manifest on oilier areas, such as the nose. 

The good news with skin purging is that it really shouldn’t last longer than around 3 weeks (or 1-2 month tops) and from there it should all be smooth sailing. You’ll be so happy you gave your products a good chance to work. 

Here are two common questions we get when it comes to our line of products

(so we wanted to include them in this post for you) 

Will I break out with your products? 

You may. Everyone is completely different, and is using different products, and has a different Acid Mantle (top layer of skin) then everyone else! If you're using products with a lot of wax, the jojoba esters (in the scrub and serums) can push the wax up and out of the skin causing a "detox" in the skin.

This is temporary and can get worse before it gets better. The feedback that we generally get is that the people who stick with the scrub, their skin looks better than ever after they detox! We're here to help your skin, we don't want it to get worse. 

Other skin types totally heal within 12-18 days and just totally respond well! We wish everyone was in this category, but some do have minor breakouts.

Can I use your products and other products at the same time?

Well... yes and no. Remember how we just talked about your skin detoxing? If you're using products that have lots of waxes and fillers then it creates a cycle of breaking out from detoxing, and then healing again. If you're having crazy acne, it may be best to hold off on the moisturizer. Because your skin needs to breathe. 

So, we're not snobs and you don't have to just use our line (we'd love you to) but just be aware that there may be some contraindications with other skincare ingredients with other brands.  

We hope this article has helped to reassure you if you’re struggling with skin purging right now. Stick with it! The results will be well worth it! 

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