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5 Simple Skincare Tips That Ensure Your Skin Stays Healthy While Wearing Makeup

Wearing makeup helps to not only boost confidence, it’s a great way to express your creativity too.  

However, if you’re not wearing the correct makeup or aren’t following some healthy tips then you may notice that wearing makeup increases oil and therefore, blemishes in your skin. 

Don’t worry, this isn't going to be another article telling you to stop wearing makeup, those make us roll our eyes too!

Instead, we are going to share with you, our top tips for ensuring your skin stays clear and healthy even if you wear makeup 7 days a week for 8 plus hours a day!

Let’s dive in!

It starts with your skin routine

Healthy skins starts with your skin ritual, always. 

You want to ensure your skin is properly cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated before applying your makeup for the day. 

Our scrubs are multi-purpose, providing a deep down cleanse and exfoliation in one, perfectly prepping your skin for the smoothest foundation application. 

But first, you want to follow up your exfoliation with a spritz of toner and your serum for skin that stays hydrated and ensures your makeup looks great all day long!

Our jojoba oil serum mimics your skin’s own natural sebum, meaning it sinks right into your pores, softening your skin, acting as a primer for your makeup products, and it never leaves your skin feeling too heavy or greasy!

We’ve all experienced the frustration of applying foundation to dry skin and then having to deal with flakey, uneven looking skin, which can be quite embarrassing. 

By exfoliating and hydrating first, you will never have a bad makeup day again! Follow up your makeup application with one of our healing facial sprays to help set your face and add an extra dose of dewy hydration!

Sweat first

If you’re able to get your gym sesh in before your day starts and you apply makeup, that is ideal, however we realize this isn’t an option for everyone. 

If you sweat first, just make sure to follow up with a good cleanse before applying your makeup. If you are going to take part in any kind of physical activity with your makeup on then consider tying your hair back or wearing a headband to help prevent sweat mingling with your makeup and clogging up your pores. 

Try to follow up with a good cleanse afterwards if possible or spritz some of our healing spray to infuse your skin with some nutrients and hydration. 

And don’t forget to stay hydrated from the inside out too! At least 8 glasses of water a day, more if you’re taking part in heavy physical activity, is essential for keeping your skin clear and plump. 

Use the right type of makeup for your skin

Just as with skincare, the makeup you choose matters too. 

If you’re using natural skincare products, then wouldn’t it make sense to use natural makeup products too? 

Most conventional makeup is filled with fillers and synthetic ingredients that can clog up your pores and quickly lead to troubled skin. 

Opt for makeup that is labeled as natural or mineral-based, always reading the label for any weird or foreign-sounding ingredients. If you want a comprehensive list of what to avoid in your all of your makeup and person care products, this list is a good place to start.

Of course not all natural products are created equal and not everyone’s skin will react the same way. 

Look for terms like oil-free or non-comedogenic, although certain plant-based oils are excellent for your skin. As long as it’s truly all natural then you can’t really go wrong. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and see how your skin reacts to determine if you want to continue using a product. 

Your skin will always let you know!

Don’t touch your face

No matter how natural your makeup is, your pores are still not as free as they are when your skin is completely bare. Touching your face, and transferring dirt and grime will only clog up your pores and contribute to breakouts. 

We know it’s easier said than done, but do try to become aware of how many times you touch your face. Do it today! You may be shocked at how automatic a reaction it is, but the more you become aware of it, the easier it will be to catch yourself. And simple, everyday habits like this can add up to a big difference in how your skin looks and feels!

Don't sleep with makeup on

This has to be our number one tip!

Do not, we repeat, do not even think of hitting your pillow with your full face on! Your skin needs to be able to breathe while you sleep, while it undergoes its most important processes so you want to be sure that your skin is clean, as well as infused with a deep dose of nutrients. 

Our serum doubles up as a makeup remover, helping to melt away every last trace of makeup, along with any excess oil, dirt and grime without ever stripping your skin and putting it at risk. 

We recommend using our serum as your first cleanse before following up with one of our scrubs. Next treat your skin to a dose of our healing spray before applying our jojoba serum once again. Of course, you may also opt for one of our more intense serums, such as our Luxe C17 Serum to infuse your skin with a powerful dose of brightening and anti-inflammatory Vitamin C!

We hope these tips will inspire you to still be able to get creative and rock those makeup looks with confidence, without having to worry about breaking out!

As long as you follow our advice, your skin should stay clear and healthy and beautifully radiant!

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