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8 Simple Tips For Clear Skin

Posted by Laura Bradford on

8 Simple Tips For Clear Skin

Hands Off Your Face

Never touch your face with your hands! Your hands are loaded with bacteria.  If you have an itch, use the back of your hand.  Also, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before washing your face.

Clean Your Cell Phone

Clean your cell phone off with antibacterial wipes. The oil from your face gets on the cell phone, which results in blemishes along the jawline.

Change Your Pillowcase Weekly

The oils from your face will go into the pillowcase and combine with bacteria and pathogens. I recommend using silk pillowcases as they allow for more glide. Also, try to not sleep on your face because it will cause lines to develop. Sleep on your back (which is what most Hollywood stars do), or sleep on your side with a pillow in between your knees.

Extract Like a Pro

When you extract a zit or blackhead, use two Q-tips or an extractor tool and apply gentle pressure, rolling up. When extracting on the nose or chin, go downward, because the pores on these areas are slanted downward. On the cheeks and forehead, the pores are perpendicular to the skin, so go outwards. When extracting, never push downward or push too hard.  This will break the sebaceous gland sac and the bad bacteria will spread. Which is why, when you pop one blemish, 10 more will spread around it!

 Shave The Right Way

When you shave, always shave with the direction that the hair grows. This will help with ingrown hairs. Shave upwards if you need to after you have shaved downwards. Men should always shave down on their face. Using a good oil or serum as an aftershave can also help prevent ingrown hairs and irritation. 

 Switch Up Your Routine

Switch around your skincare routine every once in a while. Skin gets used to the same products that are applied day after day. Even if you’ve found the perfect cream, it is still a good idea to take a break from it once in a while. For example, you would get sick of listening to the same song day after day, exercising the same muscles, or eating the exact same food every day. Your skin does the same thing; it needs a change (especially seasonally) from the same routine.

Avoid regimen overkill. Applying too many products on the skin will overwork the skin. Try taking a break from many skincare products for two weeks. This will also help the skin de-wax. Don’t sleep with products on your face every night. Give the skin a break to let it rejuvenate.

 Water Filter For Your Shower

Use a water filter in your shower. It will reduce chlorine exposure and will help your skin stay soft. It is one of the best beauty investments I’ve ever made. Make sure to replace the filter as needed.

 Keep Your Fingers Out of Containers

Do not place your fingers into jars that are continually opened. Instead, use a Q-tip or small spatula to remove the product. Jars that are being opened and shut act like a petri dish and start to grow lots of bacteria. That’s why we always give you a plastic spatula with every salt scrub you order!


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