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Laura's List!

Navigating the world of Organic Beauty can be hard. With my 10+ years of experience, I am here to help you with all things green beauty. As the personal care buyer for an organic health food store, I have tried millions of brands and would love to share with you products that work and help the skin & body. 

In fact, one of the main reasons I started Salis Skincare is because I couldn't find a good Salt Scrub or face wash that didn't have ingredients that clogged my pores and made everything worse. 

Please, if you have questions on the products below, please feel free to email us

**There are affiliate links on some products which means we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. We promise to only promote products we love. I've been there with bad skin and understand the pain it causes!**

However, as I've learned over the years, one product may be a Godsend for one, and not work for another. So I'll try to give multiple resources in the hope that I can help YOU and your skin. Also, my recommendations may change in the future as new products are developed or companies start adding bad ingredients. Always check back here. Thanks for stopping by!


I don't even know how to explain this book! But you need to read it. The link between eggs and cheek acne is so fascinating! Check it out.


Colostrum Powder

Great to add to smoothies or use as a face mask! Stimulates the immune system. The IGF-1 factor really helps to stimulate the immune system. It's not technically dairy, so it's good for those who are lactose intolerant.

So many healing benefits for the skin!


Get the brand I love here

Dark Circle Serum

This is my favorite product to help lighten dark circles under the eyes. I have the WORST dark circles and when I use this consistently, they look so much better. Give it about 3-4 weeks before you make any judgment! Use at night on dark circles. 



As always, never get sunburned! Ease into going into the sun. Start with 5 min and then work up from there. Don't go straight out for 8 hours. That is what causes damage and skin cancers.  Here are some that I've liked over the years.


Soleo Organics. It does have a white film, but rubs in pretty well. Great for body and doesn't break out the face.


I've liked this brand for face. However, it does contain some coconut derivates. If you've had issues with Coconut oil. See my post on it HERE.

For me and many others though, It has not caused breakouts.


Deodorants (Internal and External)


I will swear to my soul that this product works! It can sting a little bit. You can add a drop to a drop of water and rub it in. ONLY apply to the pit area. You can layer another anti-perspirant on top if you'd like. It works super well for odor, but not as much for sweating. But I find I don't sweat much as when I use this.

The CEO of this company told me about it. And it has been the ONLY thing that has really ever worked for me! 

Other things: do not apply right after shaving. Don't put on or near clothes until dried. It is expensive, but lasts FOREVER. And it can also be put in your water internally! Run, don't walk, to get this!



Get more bang for your buck by including an internal deodorant and something that will cleanse your body. These products will also help SO MUCH with Acne and other skin issues. I've loved taking them for many years and have found better brands! (note: the chlorophyll may turn your stool greenish)





Click here for the SolaRay Activated Charcoal.


I have a toner recipe if you look at the Hyperpigmentation post! It uses Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).

If you can't stand the smell of  ACV then I would highly suggest the Lily of the Desert toner below:

It does require refrigeration, but it really helps to rebalance the pH and helps dry skin! Use a cotton round to apply after the Salt Scrub, then use the Hydrogen Peroxide if you're working on redness or pigmentation.


IRON Supplements!

If you're slightly anemic your skin suffers! It doesn't get the oxygen it needs from the blood to heal your skin. Here are some of my favorite ways to get iron.

Redmond Clay

It contains 97% Iron to build up your blood supply. On the product page, it shows you how to make clay water to drink. It clears out toxins, AND builds your Iron up! win-win! 

The clay works for different types of anemia. If you still find yourself anemic, try these other two.

Vital Proteins Beef Liver

While this doesn't have a ton of Iron on the label, it IS beef liver, which helps a ton with anemia. It also has 230 % of B12, which anemic people REALLY need. 



 This product has saved me multiple times with hypochromic anemia. The iron is easily absorbed and works really fast! Seriously have loved this product for a long time! 


We'll be adding more to this list later so stay tuned! 

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