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How to Treat Acne-Related Scars - Live Presentation

This is a live presentation by our late founder, Laura Bradford Howe all about how to treat acne-related scars. Watch the presentation or read the transcript below!

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Immune Tree Colostrum6 Powder

Blackhead Removal Mask


Hey everyone, this is Laura with Salís Skincare and this week I'm going to go over some tips and products that can help you with scarring. And this is something that is near and dear to my heart because I had acne and I didn't have as much on my cheeks but on my T-zone area and I have some scarring still that I'm working on.

I'm just going to go over some things that I have done to get rid of my scarring and obviously if there was a magical cream that we could use to put over our skin to get rid of scarring, I would be a millionaire. There are definitely things that can help with scarring but eliminating a scar completely, I've seen happen with smaller scars, but with larger incisions or things like that, it's a little bit harder.

So just keep that in mind. These are just things that you can do here and there that can help minimize scarring. And I like to think of it like a pencil and eraser. You can erase stuff so that you don't need to wear makeup anymore. It's still there but you're still working on it. Some of the stuff I recommend can help with something called Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Which is pigmentation that's still red after you've extracted a blemish and it's stayed red for a long time.

So the first thing that I would also say really quick is that when you're having active acne, you should not be working on scarring. A lot of my clients, we work on scarring after the acne is all gone because some of the stuff that I recommend for scarring can hinder the acne healing because you're sloughing off a lot of dead skin cells. If you have active acne, it's going to clog your skin and your pores and it makes the acne worse or somewhat worse. I had that same thing to where I was working on scarring and I was like, oh let's do all these things. And then it made my acne worse. But once I got rid of my acne and then worked on the scarring, it worked a lot better.

I love colostrum for scarring. So colostrum, they're taking it from grass-fed cows and you can use it in smoothies so you can use it internally. I use it in hot cocoa because it makes it more creamy. But it's the part of the cow and they feed that has all of the immune system stimulants in there and that is called IGF-1. And that factor is what helps stimulate the immune system and it's really good for our bodies.

It's what we get if your mom was breastfeeding, there's colostrum that comes out first. And colostrum also helps set the stage for digestion for babies. And so it's really good for that. It's a good prebiotic, which is what the Redmond Clay is kind of like as well. So just think of colostrum as setting the stage for good digestion and good healing in the body. So it's great that way.

Topically, this is another overnight face mask, which some people like, some people don't. So we have a blackhead removal mask and this also has MSM in it. And MSM is like powdered sulfur. And what MSM does is that if you have scarring like this, it helps straighten all the fibers out. So that goes back like this. So it's more for these ones that are fibrous scars. So it helps redo the scarring.

On this. It takes a good six months to really notice a difference. But I have dead pores on my nose and that's from extracting. So if you're extracting, I'm going to slap your hand. I'm just kidding. I get it if you have a large zit. But this one, it's definitely slower going but it works if you do it long-term. But it's really good for dead pores and if you just want to smooth stuff out. But again that's a long-term benefit that you will notice. So that's one thing that's also really good for scarring of the fibrous tissues. So MSM is really awesome that way.

But yeah, the blackhead mask is really good for that too, just to help everything smooth out for MSM. So there's that. So the colostrum does have sulfur and other vitamins in there, but the IGF-1 factor is really important. So with the colostrum what you do is you just mix a little bit of it in your hand to a paste, you have to mix it really well, which is annoying because it takes five minutes. And then you just put that on the skin.

There are burn victims that would pack their face every night with colostrum on there and they would wake up and they would brush off and their skin would be a lot more healed. And so because of all the crazy burns that they had, so again it wasn't completely erasing it but like they were happy with the results.

So that's another thing that you can do topically. It's also really good for wrinkles. But again it's more temporary but you do the same thing where you leave on overnight and it works those “frownies” where it's keeping that thing in place. So if you squint your eyes when you sleep or anything like that, it keeps it stiff so that you don't do that. Or if you sleep on the side of your face but it keeps it stiff. But then it's also penetrating and giving you the healing benefits of the colostrum. But then it's also keeping your face stiff. So that's one that if you don't like sleeping in the blackhead mask, you're really not going to like sleeping in the colostrum mask.

But it works really well and for the price point, I feel like you can use it internally and externally and it's a really good thing for the skin. And you can use it for the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. So if you have like any red dots in the skin. So again us the colostrum that you could use for that.

Also, one other thing, frankincense essential oil is also really amazing for scarring. And so for me, I used frankincense essential oil on my scar on my nose and I did it morning and night. And the results for that, I was like, oh my gosh. It was really great. So that's why I use that same frankincense in the frankincense serum. And so yeah. And this will last you a long time cause you don't need to use a ton. But again I think it's the consistency that you... just staying consistent will help you. But this frankincense is amazing. I get it from Canada, it's really good frankincense and then they get from Oman. The great county of Oman. But frankincense is really good to help get rid of scarring and it's good anti-aging and good overall if you were to use it for a while.

Contact us if you're interested in buying a bottle of pure frankincense essential oil:

So yeah. I hope this all makes sense. These are just some tips that can help you with scarring. I'm not being like, yep, your scar will be gone by tomorrow. So clear expectation on that.

So these are just different ways that I have gotten rid of scarring and that have worked for me, really worked rather than just fluff stuff. So again, the blackhead removal mask, the MSM is really healing scars and same with the frankincense. But this you'd have to do morning and night and you can even just do it on the spot. And yeah, it's really good.

Okay. All right. Thank you, everyone. I hope this was beneficial to you!


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Tracy Mulholland

What is the Canadian company that she got the frankincense from? Thanks.

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