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How to Train Your Body to Sleep On Your Back

Sleeping on your back is really helpful to prevent lines and wrinkles on your face. But how do you sleep on your back if you can only fall asleep on your stomach or side? 

I've had this problem for years.

I had really bad insomnia for a long time, and I finally realized the culprits: Maca and Coconut Oil. I would make myself a protein shake with Maca in it in the afternoon and could run a half marathon at 1 am in the morning. Same with Coconut Oil. I love it for cooking (not so much for skincare see my Coconut Article) but I finally figured out a few months ago (after YEARS of thinking I had serious sleep problems) that it keeps me up ALL night!

So no more fun Paleo/Gluten-Free Pinterest recipes that I would have for desserts after dinner that used coconut oil.  Now I try not to have coconut oil after 5 pm. But I'm still working on seeing if it still affects me even earlier. 

Once I only used those two ingredients and other stimulants in the morning, I could sleep much better at night. The problem was, I either sleep on my stomach or side or not sleep at all.

And I started getting little sleep lines that weren't going away in the morning!   

After deliberating for years to either have no sleep or sleep lines, I finally figured out a way to start training my body to sleep on my back. Here's what I do, when I first get into bed I lay on my back for at least FIVE minutes. This is after you've checked your phone (we all do it, haha) and are ready to sleep. Lay on your back for at least five minutes straight.

After that, you can go on your side ... or worst case your stomach. Side sleeping is much better than the stomach, but stomach is ok if you're not even going to sleep at all! I've even tried the Save My Face! pillow, and it slips out halfway through the night. So back-sleeping is still the best. 

What I noticed after the first week is that I would wake up in the middle of the night and I would be ON MY BACK! Hooray! And sometimes I would even wake up on my back! I was so excited because I've been trying to do this for years. I propose what is happening is that your body gets used to being on your back when you lay that way for the suggested five minutes.

Plus it also helps to sleep on your back if you're using our Blackhead Removal Mask. You'll have less flaking of the mask on your pillow. 

Now, I don't always wake up on my back or even sleep on my back, but I can tell you that doing this for the last couple of months, my body has been getting used to back sleeping and my wrinkles are started to be less noticeable!

It's definitely been worth laying on my back for five straight minutes every night before I sleep. 

Do you have any tips for back sleeping? Let me know in the comments below!


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