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4 Remedies For Pigmentation


Although getting pigmentation may make many women want to swear, it's actually your body trying to help your skin! 

Also referred to as melasma, age spots, or even pregnancy mask, pigmentation What's happens when there is protein oxidizing underneath your skin (basically the structure of the skin has become weaker). So the skin sends up a protective "balloon" of pigmentation so the skin won't oxidize anymore! Isn't that amazing?!

Well, not really for most women who are wanting clear skin!

What are some ways you can prevent this from happening?

1. Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

It's your friend and gives you TONS of bang for your buck

First, cleanse your face with our salt scrub/cleanser or another organic cleanser of your choice. Second, spray it in your hands and pat on your face. Do this morning and evening and in time, you should notice the pigmentation begin to lighten.  



2. Apple Cider Vinegar!

If you don't have this at home, Bragg is the only brand I recommend. You can use this daily as a toner (recipe HERE) or saturate a cotton round and apply to the pigmentation overnight (easiest if it is taped on or with a bandaid) for a consecutive 18 days.

I've done some patches on my face, and definitely feel that you must try to do it for 10 days consecutively if possible. If you forget a night, don't fret. Just continue on the next day.



3. Devita C17 Luxe Serum

So this one is super stingy and itchy. I would personally try the other products first and then try this one. I really like how she formulated this product, and have recommended it for years.

You could do this one every other day or so and apply our serum afterwards as well. 

4. Citrus Face Masks!

Just squeeze lemon, lime, or grapefruit into your palm, put it on your face for 30 minutes, and rinse it off. The enzymes help break down dead skin and promote cell turnover.

If essential oils are your jam, you can use a citrus blend for this, too!

Remember, don't apply citrus essential oils or masks before you go into the sunlight as they are photosensitive! Make sure your face is either protected with a hat/visor or wait at least 48-72 hours before you go into direct and long sun exposure.


Bonus tips for my SUPER sensitive people:

- Try to avoid hot yoga or super long hot showers repeatedly, it can aggravate melanocytes that promote pigmentation.  

- Certain medications and birth control can aggravate melasma. 

- Be VERY gentle to the skin when washing, putting on makeup, and exfoliating. The harder you scrub, the more you're going to aggravate melanocytes. 

- Try to eat all organic. Do as good as you can!

- Get your adrenals or thyroid checked if stuff just isn't budging! 


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