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6 Holistic Ways to Get Glowing Skin

Glowing skin is right at the top of the list for most women when it comes to their ultimate skincare goals

Sure, you can make your skin glow with a strategic application of highlighter to the high points of the face or using a sneaky bronzer.

But wouldn’t you prefer to rock glowing skin when your makeup comes off too?

Healthy skin is the foundation for glowing skin.

You want to feel confident whether your face is bare or made up in full war paint. You deserve nothing less!

There are endless products promising to help you achieve dewy, “insta-filter worthy” skin in a jiffy, but true glowing skin comes down to so much more than just what you apply externally. 

In fact, most of those “quick-fixes” are filled with chemicals that provide a temporary solution, while sapping the radiance out of your skin in the long-term.

In this post, we'll share some holistic ways to achieve the glowing skin of your dreams, while always maintaining the health and integrity of your precious skin. 

Let these tips become a lifestyle, a ritual on your path to healthier, happier and of course, luminous skin!

Stay hydrated internally and externally

Hydration is the key to youthful skin, helping to support the production of structural proteins, such as collagen and elastin, but it’s also the secret to glowing skin!

Dry skin is skin that appears dull, so nip that in the bud by infusing your skin with a hefty dose of moisture.

Drinking enough water everyday is imperative to ensure your skin cells stay plump and full from the inside out, while the right topical oils can aid in maintaining moisture from an external standpoint. 

How much water do you need to drink every day for more glowing skin? 

Try for half of your body weight in ounces. So if I weigh 150 pounds, I'll drink 25 ounces of water. 

Filtered, mineral, or reverse-osmosis water is preferred but not required. Just aim for the highest quality water you can. 

Add in some lemon slices, fresh berries, cucumber and mint to fro a refreshing, brightening antioxidant boost! Not to mention, it makes drinking water a little more exciting!

Use topical brightening ingredients

There is one ingredient, dubbed the “beauty vitamin” that is essential for glowing skin, it’s something your skin cannot do without.

That beautiful ingredient is Vitamin C, one of our favorite antioxidant vitamins for healthy, happy, vibrant skin!

Vitamin C helps to fight inflammation, reduce redness, protect against aging free radicals, and of course, promote a serious glow!

Try our Luxe C17 Serum for a potent dose of brightening power!

As for facial oils, there is one that is truly the holy grail for all skin types, as it most closely resembles the skin’s own, natural sebum. That oil is pure Jojoba oil!

Your pores readily absorb this silky oil and it leaves your skin soft with no greasy residue, just perfectly balanced, hydrated skin. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties to ensure your skin stays blemish-free. 

Start a daily massage ritual

Massage is a wonderful way to boost blood flow, which brings it closer to the surface of the skin for an instant rosy glow.

It’s one quick, free method we highly recommend. 

And you can do it anywhere and anytime you want!

Massage helps to stimulate collagen production, even out skin texture, keep the skin looking youthful, and enhance the absorption of your skincare products. 

Here’s a simple tutorial that anyone can do!

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation is one skin care step you don’t want to skimp on. This is often an overlooked step, that when added into your routine, can truly make all the difference!

Dullness can be caused by dead skin cells that remain on the surface of your skin. 

Eventually, the body turns these cells over on its own but exfoliation speeds up the process.

As a result, you get rid of the dry, flaky skin cells sitting on top of your skin and your left left with a new, fresh, and glowing layer!

It also helps to boost blood flow, stimulating collagen production for more youthful skin over time, and it ensures all of your follow up products are well absorbed into your pores. 

You want to be sure you are using an exfoliant that is thorough, yet still gentle so you can avoid microscopic tears in your skin that may impair your skin barrier and lead to more blemishes down the road. 

All of our Face Cleanser + Exfoliants (salt scrubs) are made with a fine, mineral rich sea salt. Exactly what your skin needs for gentle, natural exfoliation that leaves your skin glowing!

Manage your stress

We all deal with stress. It’s an inevitable part of life. 

But when your stress becomes a problem, and you become overwhelmed, your stress can take as big a toll on your skin as it does on your mind.

Stress hormones can break down collagen and increase sebum, speeding up the signs of aging, while also increasing your likelihood of blemishes. It's a vicious cycle.

Overall, chronic stress will leave your skin less than bright, so it’s important to find ways to manage your stress. 

Deep breathing is a tool readily available to all of us that can help to stimulate lymph flow, flushing out toxins for healthier skin, all while ensuring we feel a whole lot better. 

Healthy skin is closely intertwined with how we feel. so be sure to regularly do things that lift your spirit and soothe your soul.

Your skin and your mind will thank you!

Fill your diet with anti-inflammatory superstars and potent antioxidants

It’s easy to splurge on antioxidant-rich skincare, which of course is one major part of your glowing skin journey.

But it’s just as important to fill your body with antioxidants too!

Your skin reflects what’s happening internally, so if you are filling your body with processed foods, providing no nutrient value, on a daily basis, chances are this is going to manifest externally as dull, lackluster skin. 

Keep your skin youthful and glowing from the inside out by filling your body with foods that will fight inflammation and infuse your cells with powerful nutrients. 

An array of leafy greens, a rainbow of fruits and veggies, healthy fats such as salmon, coconut oil, raw nuts, healthy grains such as brown rice and quinoa are just a few of our top contenders in the glowing skin race. 

By incorporating some of these tips into your lifestyle, you are absolutely on the path to that dewy, glowing skin you have been longing for. 

You’ll also feel so wonderfully energetic and your body will thank you for thinking of it too on your skincare journey.

Here’s to glowing skin for the rest of your days!

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