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3 Ways to LOVE your skin


Happy Valentines Day!!!

  Here are some fun ways you can love your skin this Valentine's Day:
  1. Apply a Chocolate Mask! Melt dark chocolate (I love Dagoba or SuperVital Foods Cacao) and add some baking soda and your choice of essential oils! Apply for 20 minutes and rinse. The dark chocolate has lots of antioxidants that will help rejuvenate your skin!
  2. Give your face a loving massage! Either you or your Special Someone can do this! Apply pressure on the temples and on the jaw muscle. You can even use an oil to massage the whole face! But massaging the temples, jaw and even ear lobes are great.
  3. Give your skin some TLC by steaming it for 30 minutes and then applying some Essential Oils to make your skin delectable. Sandalwood, Frankincense, and Myrrh are all amazing oils to use.
  4. Eat some healthy chocolate! It's good for your skin and your soul. You can even eat some of the mask if it falls off! Here's a recipe for healthy chocolate mousse.
  5. Smile! It's the best way to look amazing in a short amount of time :)

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