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2 Ways to Safely Extract Blemishes

Do you use your fingers to extract blemishes, pop zits, or squeeze blackheads? It's the easiest way to do it that's how most of us learn!

But with age and wisdom comes a better way! If you extract blemishes with your fingers you run the risk of infecting the area with germs. That can mean it takes even longer to heal or creates more blemishes around it. No bueno!

Instead, use one of these two tips the next time you need to extract a blemish.


Step 1 - Steam Your Face!

The first tip is easy and it’s something you’re already kind of doing.... STEAM your face! It sounds simple but it works. Steaming your face for 15+ minutes can help pop those blemishes out, which makes them much easier to extract.

So what are the most effective ways to steam? We’ll list them below in order of convenience...

1. The shower. Crank up the heat and turn off the fan to really get it going.

2. Pot/bowl of water and towel. Be careful not to burn yourself with this one!

3. Steam room at the gym/spa.

4. Humidifier and towel.

5. Facial Steamer - probably the most expensive option but might be worth it for you if the above options don’t work. 


Step 2 - Extract!

The Q-Tip Method

1. Use two Q-Tips to gently push on each side of the blemish.

2. Gently roll up and outward to extract everything. This will help to not push the infection down into the skin and spread around underneath the skin.

3. Make sure you get it all out (you’ll usually see a little hole afterwards to indicate it's all out).

The Extractor Tool Method

1. Use the metal loop side.

2. Gently push in the direction of the pore but away from the skin. This prevents spreading infection. 

3. Make sure you get it all out (you’ll usually see a little hole afterwards to indicate it's all out).

Snag a Salís Blemish Extractor here.

IMPORTANT: Pushing too hard will create more blemishes around the current one in the future. Always be gentle with extractions to avoid potential scarring.

And that's it. Easy peasy. Happy extracting!


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