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Why Specific Oils Are GOOD For Your Skin!

After doing a few expos in the past few weeks, I've talked to many women that are still scared of using oils on their face. I wanted to write this post to help clear up any misconceptions that might be out there.

For many years I was really afraid of using any oil on my skin! I had horrible acne and was afraid that oil would break my skin out. Then I learned that mineral oils might cause breakouts and blackheads. My skin was so oily at the time,  I didn't want to add to the problem.

A few years later I started using serums on my skin because some lady said it would help with wrinkles. Little did I know, it was an oil-based serum! And then I read that coconut oil is really good for your skin and won't break you out! While it did seem to help, it wasn't amazing, which lead me to my thoughts on coconut oil HERE.

I then started working at a health food store and was educated even further. Certain oils balance out the sebaceous gland that produces the oil in your skin. Food-grade organic oils ** won't cause breakouts, but synthetically processed oils will.

I had extremely dry  skin and wanted to try it out. After a few days of using it on my legs, they were finally moisturized! I then began to use them on my face and had amazing results!

My lingering acne was getting better, and my skin looked much more hydrated. I only used it on my face at night, because I didn't want my face to look oily during the day. I definitely recommend this method to women starting out.

I then began to use jojoba oil on my face before I would get ready in the morning. It's the same jojoba oil we now use in our serums. I used a small amount (like 2-3 drops for my whole face) instead of using a lot at night. In fact, I feel like the trick to using oils on your face is using a TINY amount. You're not going to keep using it if it makes your face look greasy. A few drops absorb into the skin and won't look oily.

Another trick that I like is putting oil on my skin, letting it sit for 5 minutes, and then re-rubbing it back into the skin. I now use my salt scrub that has Jojoba oil in it, and that is how I apply it now. The reason I like this method the best is that it will be oily on your skin at first, but then after you pat your face dry with a towel, it completely absorbs into your skin quickly. And you don't have an oily face after.

One other major cool factor about Jojoba is that it has a smaller molecular structure than your sebum (oil produced from your face) and can penetrate the skin and will not break it out. It can actually go around harden sebum (or oil plugs like blackheads) and help loosen them out of the skin. And who doesn't want fewer blackheads on their skin?

Lastly, Jojoba has lots of naturally occurring Vitamin E in it, which helps to heal the skin even more!

Try using some oils on your face today, and let me know how it goes!

**Some food-grade organic oils include Jojoba, Calendula, Olive oil (organic is way better), Sweet Almond, Apricot, Avocado,  Tamanu, and Coconut. Argan oil smells horrible and the only way they get it to smell good is by severely processing it. Which we don't want. Also, if these specific oils are not organic and refined, they will NOT work the same way as organic or wildcrafted oils.



also, my breakouts are primarily on my forehead but now it’s spreading to my cheeks because somehow my pores are getting larger and more visible!


Hello! I’m a young adult, still struggling with mild acne and some scarring along with hyperpigmentation. I am really tired of the blackheads and occasional cystic acne with the never leaving mild acne. I am reading up on using oils on your face and I’m still a bit puzzled about the various oils I can use on my face (also hair), there are so many! Olive oil, argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil. I’m overwhelmed and really afraid to take this step for my skin. I am currently using tea tree oil and I love it, it makes my skin feel good and my scalp has improved; though it’s not healing as fast as my acne is surfacing. I need a little advice as to how I should use the oil as part of my skincare routine and what oil/s should I use?

Salis Skincare

Aw! Thanks Chelsie!

Salis Skincare

You’re welcome! Good luck!

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