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The Skin-Healing Power of Clay Water - Live Presentation

This is an Instagram Live where our founder, Laura Bradford Howe, talks about how to treat acne and other skin issues internally by drinking clay water. 🙌 🎉 📹

As weird as it sounds, drinking clay water can do wonders for your skin and the rest of your body, too! 💁‍♀️

Snag a jar of it right here on our site!

Watch the whole video or skip to one of the topics below!

0:30 - Special pricing on the clay no longer applicable BUT you can now get 10% OFF your first order when you sign-up for our email list:

0:42 - Laura’s history with the clay water and how it helped clear up her acne.

06:34 - How the clay helps your body detoxify more efficiently and gives your body minerals

08:24 - The “prebiotic” effects of clay

09:57 - The alkalizing effects of clay

10:15 - How much to drink daily

11:28 - Why you need to treat acne internally (and how the clay helps!)

16:46 - How to make the clay water

21:25 - When to drink the clay water for maximum benefit

25:44 - Is it safe to drink during pregnancy?

30:25 - Does it help with Thyroid functioning?

31:21 - Does it affect stomach acid?

31:55 - How to treat back acne

33:11 - Okay to drink on an empty stomach?

34:05 - Okay to use a metal whisk?

35:00 - How long does it keep in the fridge?

38:00 - How it helps decrease your appetite

39: 14 - Why you shouldn’t store it in any metal products

40:00 - Use it in a bath!

40:37 - How often to drink (both for acne and for regular maintenance)

Snag a jar of it right here on our site!

As always, let us know if you have any questions. We're here to help!

To Your Best Skin, 

The Salís Team


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