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How To Create An Effective Summer Skin Care Routine

While we certainly aren’t going to complain about the temps heating up, taking care of your skin now becomes more important than ever. 

While the summer sunshine is a great mood booster, those bright rays can wreak quite a lot of damage if you aren’t properly protecting your skin. 

Of course this makes SPF your very best friend. We shared an article last summer about the importance of SPF, as well as keeping your skin hydrated internally and externally, so we won’t go into that in today’s post. 

In this post, we want to delve into some other tips that you may not have been aware of.

So pour a cold drink, kick back and dig in to our latest read! If you’re outside make sure you’re slathered up in sunscreen and wearing a hat! 

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliation is incredibly important to help remove dead skin build-up, and it’s going to be your holy grail step if you suffer from constant blemishes. 

If you’re already dealing with lots of excess oil then it’s no secret that the warmer temperatures are only going to intensify this as you find yourself sweating throughout your day. 

A regular exfoliation ritual will help to keep your pores clear of dirt and grime, and if you’re using an exfoliant such as ours, formulated with Redmond Real salt, brimming in minerals and jojoba oil, then you’re going to be giving your skin its best chance at slowly becoming more balanced too! 

While it’s not necessary to exfoliate more than 3 times a week, some of our problem-skinned beauties swear that using our gentle yet highly effective scrubs on a daily basis has not only reduced the number of breakouts they experience, but also drastically improved the health of their skin and even helped to fade scars. 

Do not skip this step! 

Trust us when we say that your skin is going to feel silky smooth once you rinse our scrub off, but that’s still no excuse to skip this next step. 

Even a few drops of our serum will go a long way in keeping your skin balanced and healthy. 

Many people fear oils, believing the old myth that “oil produces oil” but you’re actually putting your skin at risk when you skip moisturizing altogether. 

Why? Well, whether your skin is oily or not, it will try to make up for lack of moisture, often by overproducing sebum which then only creates more breakouts, no thank you!

The reason we love jojoba oil is because it’s the one oil that most closely resembles your skin’s own natural sebum, meaning your pores drink it up and will help to naturally balance excess oil. 

It’s also anti-inflammatory so will help to soothe and calm redness and irritation for a calmer, more even complexion with fewer pesky pimples, hallelujah! 

Stop touching your face

Okay, we know this is way easier said than done but the very first step is to simply become aware of just how often you touch your face. 

Most of the time it’s an unconscious thing, in which case you can’t really stop it from happening so start by simply paying attention to how often your hand reaches for your face. 

When you’re dealing with oily or sweaty skin already, and then touch your face and potentially transfer bacteria (it’s impossible to ensure your hands are 100% clean at all times) then you can potentially cause your pores to clog up resulting in, yep you guessed it, breakouts. 

Once you start becoming aware of touching your face, you can stop it before it happens and you’ll be surprised at what a difference this can actually make! 

Do this before bed 

Vitamin C is one of our favorite antioxidant vitamins and trust us, your skin agrees! 

It helps to reduce inflammation, beautifully brighten, fight free radicals and leave your skin positively luminous. 

It’s best applied at night to work its magic while you sleep. 

Follow up with our serum to lock it in and be sure to slather on a generous layer of SPF the next day as it can make your skin more sun sensitive. 

It’s an excellent ingredient to protect against and reduce the signs of UV damage. 

Wash your pillowcases at least once a week  

When was the last time you washed your pillowcases? 

While you should be washing them at least once a week year round, it’s even more important when you’re sweating and then sleeping on old sweat nights in a row. 

Be sure to wash your pillowcases regularly and why not spritz some of our facial mist on your pillowcase right before bed to refresh and infuse your skin with nutrient rich moisture.

And bonus, the essential oils in the sprays will help you to wind down and effortlessly drift off into dreamland!

We hope you enjoyed part two of our summer skincare series!

Read part 1 right here!

Of course we love hearing from you and would love to know if you have any more tips to share with us! 

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