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Salt Scrubs versus Sugar Scrubs

Posted by Laura Bradford on

Salt Scrubs versus Sugar Scrubs

Often times I am asked what is the difference between a sugar and a salt scrub.

First off, I really don't feel like many of the companies out there use quality unrefined sugar, most of it is refined and processed, cheaper sugar that causes oxidation (or browning) of the skin.

Oxidation occurs when an atom loses an electron and then becomes a free radical. This happens internally when people consume a lot of refined sugar, their body begins to oxidize and they begin to get dark spots on their skin. I conclude that this same process would happen externally, that the sugar scrub would oxidize the skin since our skin absorbs everything that we put on it. It doesn't just evaporate (think birth control patch).

Also, there are so many products that use cheap sorbitol, which is a sugar, and this type of ingredient will also oxidize the skin externally.

Unrefined sea salt like the type we use (Redmond RealSalt) is actually healing to the skin. Since it is not processed and has all the minerals still intact, it is great for your body internally!

Remember how our bodies need vitamins and minerals? Redmond RealSalt has lots of minerals in it. That's why we choose to use this salt in all of our salt scrub/cleansers.

Salt is really healing to the skin, and does not oxidize the skin like a sugar would. It has an anti-bacterial effect, and helps kill of bad bacteria. And who doesn't love that? 

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