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How To Stop Razor Burn Before It Happens: Our 6 Step Fail-Proof Process

Whether it’s your legs, your bikini line, or your underarms that need some cleaning up, we know the hassle of shaving only to have your skin erupt in razor burn a day or two later.

If smooth, sleek after-shaving skin is what you desire with no bumps, irritation, or itching in sight, then we hope this post helps!

You deserve to wear those tank tops, those shorts, and that bikini without any irritation peeking out, so we created this post to help you out.

We will share our fail-proof shaving process that will result in your closest shave yet, and razor burn will become a distant memory! 

Step 1: Exfoliate and trim if necessary

If there are dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin, they are going to clog up your razor, and a dull blade is a sure-fire way to get a less than glamorous result!

Exfoliate the area you want to shave thoroughly with a gentle, organic scrub. We're biased towards our salt scrubs but if you have another favorite, go with that! If your hair is quite long, for example in the bikini area, we recommend trimming it beforehand, as this can also clog up your razor. 

Step 2: Get steamy 

You want to soften and open up your pores before you shave, we’ve all experienced that harsh tugging when we are in a hurry and shave on skin that is not yet warmed up. This often leads to irritation the same day! 

Allow the steam of your shower to prep your skin for a few minutes before starting or soak in your tub of warm water for at least 10 minutes first. 

Step 3: Apply a soothing shaving cream 

Another excellent way to soften your hairs so your razor glides smoothly over your skin is to apply shaving cream and allow it to sit on the skin for at least 5 minutes before shaving.

Make sure you look for all-natural shaving cream, ingredients like aloe are always top contenders to soothe and hydrate, and avoid problem-causing ingredients

Step 4: The sharper the blade, the closer the shave 

A dull blade will give you a dull result. You want a sharp blade that will allow you to glide over the area once and remove all hair. 

For most of us, that means using a new razor blade every 3-4 weeks. 

Experiment with what works best for you!


Step 5: Shave in the direction of your hair growth

If you move your razor up and down, your hairs may grow back into the skin resulting in ingrown hairs, inflammation, and redness, never a fun time! 

Always shave in the direction of your hair growth to prevent this, and don’t go over the area more than once or twice if you can help it. Again, using a newer, sharper razor should help with this part. 

Step 6: Aftercare 

Once your shave is complete, rinse with lukewarm to cool water to close your pores, and pat dry with a clean fluffy towel to prevent any irritation. 

If you want your shave to last longer, and you want to prevent bumps and ingrown hairs, then always be sure to properly hydrate your skin at the end of your shave. 

Ideally, you want to look for a water-free product like our powerful serum formulated with pure jojoba oil to hydrate, soothe, reduce inflammation, and leave your skin glowing! 

We hope these tips help you to actually look forward to your next shaving sesh!












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