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These Are Our Favorite Antioxidants & Nutrients for Balanced, Healthy Skin!

Did you know that the state of your skin is a direct reflection of what’s happening inside your body?

If you’re eating processed foods with little to no real nutrients then chances are your skin is not going to look its best.  

Processed foods increase internal inflammation, which affects the skin in a variety of ways. From breaking down collagen and accelerating the signs of aging, to throwing off your skin’s natural oil balance, increasing the likelihood of blemishes, redness and irritation. 

Filling your body with healthy nutrients, in the form of vitamins and antioxidants, is essential for skin that glows with health. 

Of course the products you use externally matter too, but keep in mind that healthy, happy skin comes down to a combo of internal and external factors, they work synergistically together.

Most of us can’t eat loads of processed foods, use clean products, and expect to have clear skin. Alternatively, you can’t neglect your skincare routine and think that a healthy diet is all you need because your skin needs external protection too. 

In today’s post, we want to dig deep into our favorite vitamins and antioxidants for truly radiant skin.

Vitamin A and your skin barrier

This is an antioxidant vitamin that helps to keep the skin healthy by improving the function of your skin’s barrier. 

Your skin barrier consists of two layers, namely the microbiome and the acid mantle. Your skin’s microbiome is made up of a community of living microbes (bacteria) and is the topmost layer, meaning it is your skin’s first line of defense against potentially harmful bacteria or irritants. 

The second layer is the hydro-lipid film, or the acid mantle, and is your skin’s natural film. It is thin and slightly acidic, helping to provide protection by creating an environment where harmful bacteria is unable to survive. The acid mantle encourages the growth of healthy microflora.

To understand the acid mantle, think of that squeaky clean feeling you feel after a deep cleanse. Then a short while later you may feel your skin’s natural, soft film return, this is the acid mantle restoring itself once your skin has returned to a healthy pH. If you wash your skin and it feels stripped, without resorting back to that soft film, then you may have impaired your skin barrier.

Harsh, conventional ingredients can strip the skin of natural oils and put your skin barrier at risk and this can lead to all kinds of skincare woes. Many people think that they can apply oils or serum to instantly “repair” the damage, but it can take quite a long time to rebuild your skin barrier once it has been compromised. 

Vitamin A helps to strengthen the skin barrier by trapping water molecules in the skin cells, preventing water loss through the pores. 

Some of our  favorite Vitamin A rich foods include:

  • Yellow and orange fruits and veggies
  • Dark leafy greens
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Salmon

When your skin barrier is strong and functioning optimally, your skin will remain balanced, clear, and hydrated with no irritation or flare ups. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also dubbed the “beauty vitamin” is our holy grail of antioxidant vitamins for truly gorgeous and bright skin.

Vitamin C helps to fade hyper-pigmentation, even out redness, fight skin inflammation, and promote the formation of collagen, a structural protein for taut, plump, youthful skin!

It’s the antioxidant vitamin that everyone needs, no matter their age. 

You can amp up your inner Vitamin C content by filling up on citrus fruits, and leafy greens. We love starting every morning with warm water and the juice of half a lemon to wake up our digestive system and to improve the health of our gut, another key component in healthy, happy skin. Wait 30 minutes after your lemon water before brewing up your first cup of joe or consuming any other caffeine. 

For an external Vitamin C boost, do try our Luxe C17 Serum!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant vitamin that neutralizes scavenging free radicals, giving your skin the best protection against damage and aging. 

It also aids in tissue repair, helping to accelerate healing and even fade marks and scars with regular use. 

Jojoba oil is the base of  our serums, and it is rich in Vitamin E. Jojoba oil is the only oil that most closely resembles the skin’s own, natural sebum, meaning your pores simply drink it up. It has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to leave your skin perfectly balanced and calm. 

Essential oils

Essential oils have been all the rage for the past decade and for good reason. Many have powerful antioxidant properties that can boost your health in all sorts of ways. 

They also provide aromatherapy benefits, helping to calm and ground your senses in the present moment. And their powerful plant actives can really help to improve the health and appearance of your skin

Our healing salt scrubs are infused with essential oils to help you enjoy an uplifting experience that is unique to you. 

Choose from soothing oils like lavender or rose to unwind or start your day with energizing spearmint or cedarwood to help you feel ready to tackle anything that comes your way!

When you start adding antioxidants into your life, you’ll start to finally see those skincare results you may have been dreaming of up until now. Remember that beautiful skin is an inside and outside job so be sure you’re taking care of your internal environment as much as your external one. 

When you fill your body with nutrients, along with using beautiful ingredients on your skin, your skin will only start to improve.

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