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6 Tips & Products For Healing Hormonal Acne

Are you sick of getting hormonal acne on your chin each month? 

This used to happen to me all the time and it would take FOREVER, and I mean FOREVER to heal. It seemed right when it was almost done healing, it would flare up again with my next period. And I'm still dealing with scarring from it. Sound familiar? Are you sick of having hormonal acne? Here are some tips & products that can help you heal your hormonal acne for good.

1. Stop drinking out of plastic water bottles! Water reacts to the plastic that it is in (especially in high heat) and it creates a TON of excess estrogen in your body, and then your body wants to get rid of those hormones, and if it can't go out the bowel, it will come out through your face. Plus, I personally don't think it tastes great...

2. Use products to help get rid of excess estrogen out of the body. I personally love the Redmond Powdered Clay because it helps to pull out toxins through the bowel instead of the skin. This is why I sell them. The clay helped pull out all the toxins in the skin and it healed up within a few months. Plus, it gives you your minerals! Do you know how your body needs vitamins and minerals? This is the mineral part. You're welcome. Exercise will also help keep your hormones in check. Strive for a good 30 minutes of activity a day to get the hormones out. Your body also digests your hormones. Hormones have a life cycle. One of the reasons your body gets bloated around your period is because it's trying to digest all the "dead" or excess hormones. My period 'bloat' has significantly decreased since taking the mineral support and balancing hormones.   

3. The Lavender & Jasmine Salt Scrub Face Wash helps with Hormonal Acne specifically. Lavender essential oil is known to balance hormones. It keeps everything in check. Jasmine is also great to balance hormones, but it also smells amazing! Check out this picture we got from Jenifer. She just sent this to me about a month after she had purchased the Lavender & Jasmine Scrub. I was actually surprised it worked so well in such a short amount of time! This was within 2 weeks. Lavender & our Salt heals. Period.   

 4. Get your hormones checked out by a doctor. I'm surprised it took me so long to go to a doctor to get my estrogen levels checked! I was just shooting in the dark for so long which just keep messing up my hormones even more. There are two popular ways for your doctor to test you: a spit test, or a blood test. I would highly recommend getting the spit test done instead of a blood test. It tracks your hormones all day for 24 hours. Instead of the instant blood test - which only tracks your hormones for that instant.  And then your doctor sends it to a lab, and they can more accurately gauge what your hormones are doing throughout the whole day. It's pricey but so worth it! Especially if you've had hormonal acne for over a year.

5. Stop picking and squeezing the hormonal acne. Seriously, stop. For whatever reason in this specific area of the face, it spreads under the skin like wildfire. And seriously takes forever to heal. My best advice is to really stop picking at this area. If you have a huge white head, use a simple sterile needle (prick) and gently squeeze it out with two q-tips.  Or better yet, just leave it alone. Once I stopped messing with it, it finally went away. It took about 6 months to really go away, but I had it for like 5 years. So six months were horrible, but worth it in the end.  I can go to town on my nose and it still heals faster than the hormonal area. So remember, no picking on this area or else it will never heal.

6. Spot treat your hormonal acne. Spot treatment is crucial for this area. It really helps to heal everything much faster. And since we can't pick at it (see tip above), spot treatment is the best route to go. I personally love the Blackhead Removal Mask to spot treat for hormonal acne. The Blackhead Removal Mask has Redmond Clay in it to bring blood to the area. This helps heal underneath the skin, and the blood really helps to refresh the skin. It also has MSM (organic sulfur) that will help reduce scarring and smooth out the area. In fact, many areas on my nose have slowly been resurfaced and smoothed out because of the MSM. (hooray!) MSM has multiple healing properties.

Some other ideas to use for spot treatment include raw, organic honey. Leave it on for 45 min if you can. I also love freshly squeezed lemon juice. The enzymes in the lemon juice help with the excess dead skin. Tea Tree essential oil is great as well. Try gently pricking the skin with a sterile needle and it will help it get into the blemish easier.  Have any other ideas or questions? Please leave them in the comments.

Thanks for reading this post! Love, Laura.


  • I really need to get my hormone levels checked. Does a general family dr do it or would I need to find a specialist of some sort? Also, all these tips seem totally doable, no drastic lifestyle changes! I had no idea about the plastic bottles….!

  • Oh! So sorry! I hope this will help. Good luck!

    Salis Skincare
  • This just started happening to me! Ugh. Horrible to be in your late thirties and have breakouts on the chin and the scaring is awful.
    Thanks for the advise.

  • Try being in your mid-FIFTIES and have breakouts and in places you’d never dream of!!!

  • I literally typed “hormonal acne that returns less than a week after somewhat healing” and Salis was a search result with this blog stating my EXACT issues. I was not hesitant to try the lavender and jasmine salt wash/scrub and minerals as I’ve spent SO SO much money trying so many different products that have failed. I figured, why not?! Not even a week after using the products my hormonal acne, including the scars quickly began fading. It’s been nearly a month since my first order and i’m about to reorder because my skin looks amazing compared to what it looked like over a month ago. I also use a dab of Frankincense EO on scars which also helps. Just wanted to stop by and say “thanks!” for reading my mind and creating a product so helpful. Kentucky could use more Salis! ;)


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