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5 Cool Ways Jojoba Helps Your Skin

We've been using certified organic Jojoba since the beginning of making our scrubs and serums. It's interesting to learn more about Jojoba the more we use it!

5 Cools Ways Jojoba Helps Your Skin

1. It mimics your skin's natural sebum! This means it can help your skin balance oiliness on your face, and help your skin to not be as dry! It balances everything out. Very helpful for blackheads.

2. It has three forms of naturally occurring Vitamin E: Alpha, Delta and Gamma tocopherols. And Vitamin E is super healing to your skin!

3. It is completely shelf stable- and it never goes rancid!

4. It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal!

5. Jojoba contains vitamins E and B complex. It also has the minerals silicon, chromium, copper and zinc. It has a very high percentage of iodine, almost 81.7%. The iodine concentration gives the Jojoba oil a great power to heal.

With all these amazing skin benefits, it's easy to see why we LOVE Jojoba and use it in our salt scrubs and serums!  



im interested in trying this, what is the cost? and shipping to Qld Australia

Salís Skincare

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Viviana Miza

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Salis Skincare

Hey Emma-

The cost on the different scrubs are in the SHOP section. It should allow you to ship to Australia. If it doesn’t, please email us and we can send it to you!

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