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3 Things to Use Every Day on Your Skin

Life can get pretty hectic and it's important to take care of your skin now, so it will look great in the future!

Here are my top 3 things to make sure you're doing every day:

1. Use a cleanser such as Salis Scrub.

Any cleanser will work but make sure to cleanse for at least 60 seconds. The salt in the Salis scrubs kill the bad bacteria and the jojoba oil helps moisturize your skin. Of course, we're a little biased :)

2. Use a toner on your skin at least once sometime during the day.

It can be after the shower, or when you take your makeup off at night. Here is a recipe for an amazing apple cider vinegar toner that I love. 

3. Add moisture to your skin!

Drink water, sleep with a humidifier, or apply an oil to your skin (like our serums) and seal with a moisturizer. It's important to keep the skin hydrated inside and out to maintain a youthful glow! 



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Cardio Kidd and his Fat Fighting Force inspire Danny to make smarter food and activity choices and to be his self. all natural herb D. Trainer wonderfully merges fantasy and moldova dating realism, Creating playful characters that introduce parts of fun and excitement to Danny challenging moldova dating quest to fight fat and improve his health.

Important all kids ought to see this book, And then apply its strengthening messages. as a result, I provided creative ways for them to become involved through six different Activity Challenges. as an example, They can enroll our annual Essay and Rap Challenge. An appendix for teachers and parents offers dialogue points and project ideas. The e book is also available at Amazon, I tracks, And Barnes and commendable.

Master earnings, supplement D. Trainer brings a wealth of expertise in health, Fitness and food plan to All About Choice: Getting Back hanging around! A graduate of the National fitness Institute, He was a four year varsity court player at Marymount College, where he majored in pre med. Trainer health resume is matched by his command expertise. Navy commissioned officer and spent the last seven operating a fitness studio.


At which point Should I use the toner-before I do the salt scrub/moisturizer? Or at a completely separate time of the day?


What is the recipe for the toner, (the link is no longer working) what is the purpose of using it? Also would you recommend using the salt scrub morning and night, I have always used a cleanser for both and wondered if I should switch to this for both as-well?


Any recommendations on a moisturizer? Just ordered your salt scrub and want to try a new skin regimen that actually works for my acne prone skin (I just turned 35 and I am still dealing with it – wondering if I’m going to deal with this until menopause!). Help!

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