Blackhead Mask Gift Set

$45.99 $36.49
You Save: $9.50 USD (20.66%)

Blackhead Mask Gift Set

$45.99 $36.49
You Save: $9.50 USD (20.66%)
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Everything you need to help banish those blackheads for good! The 2021 Holiday Gift set includes:

1 2 oz  Blackhead Mask Jar- Our special blackhead mask formulation in a jar for easier measuring.

1 Mini Porcelain bowl- The perfect  sized bowl that fits in the palm of your hand to mix your mask.

1 wooden measuring spoon- This spoon measures the perfect amount of powder!

1 makeup brush- Spread the mask evenly over your face.

1 blackhead extractor tool- This tool helps to get out those stubborn blackheads.

1 Ultra Soft Makeup Remover towel- Remove your makeup with just water before applying your mask! 

1 Spa Headband- Helps keep your hair out of your face.



-Steam your face first, this will help open your pores and loosen plugs. 

-Spread the mask evenly with your brush, but apply  more heavily over problem areas.

-Leave the mask on for up to 30 minutes or until it is completely dry. However the longer you leave it on the better!

-Do this routine for 3 nights in a row, take a week off, then repeat. Be consistent!

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