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I absolutely LOVE this scrub! My favorite use was when I was pregnant with my second baby I would massage it all over my belly. I must say…I didn’t get any stretch marks! I highly recommend it.— Nancy Lisonbee


"I just wanted to say thank you for making such great product! I’ve used so many things for my skin (all of them causing me to break out even more). I learned about you from @just.ingredients. I’ve had cystic acne on my jaw line for almost two years. Tried a steroid shot, cream, etc and nothing helped. I’ve been using the frankincense serum for a couple months now and it’s soooo much smaller! My husband even noticed! 🙌🏻 I was also told I had vascular rosacea on my face and haven’t noticed any problems with bleeding or anything since I started using it. The dermatologist wanted to put me on a super expensive cream that I’m sure is filled with stuff that’s not very natural. I got rid of all of my other face products and only use that now. I’ll be buying a salt scrub soon too. I’ve never felt comfortable going out without makeup on and I’ve felt so much more confident with my skin lately. I hardly wear any makeup anymore. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" -Amanda C.


I was amazed! I think the biggest surprize was that it was not as rough on my skin as I thought it might be. The ‘scrub’ part was gentle and felt so cleansing. The moisturizing effect left on my skin was great too … especially because my skin is normally so dry in this dessert climate. It’s a great product and I can now recommend it with enthusiasm.— Thanks, Ann

I use the Salis™ salt scrub, and I can honestly say that out of all of the skin care products I have ever used, this is my favorite. It’s just one product that takes care of all my needs. It eliminates the bacteria on my skin without harsh chemicals, like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, that feel like they’re eating away my skin; and then it leaves my skin super soft and ready to go without any face lotions or extras needed afterwards. The more I use it, the better my skin looks and feels. Plus, knowing that it’s just a few completely natural ingredients with no harmful, or even questionable, additives makes me feel just that much better about the product, myself, and how I’ve taken care of my skin. This product simply can’t be beat. Thank you Salis™!— Bethany Hansen

I LOVE your product, I just ordered more. Within one day, I have already noticed a difference in the quality of my skin. It is softer and brighter- I love your product and am going to recommend it to all my friends.— Gwen

Salís Skincare salt scrub is just what I needed! It’s so easy to use and does everything my skin needs. The salt exfoliates excess skin and helps sanitize any cuts or bumps from shaving, while at the same time moisturizing my skin. Shave, scrub, wash and I’m set for the rest of the day! My skin is smoother and more comfortable than ever before. I really like the Cedarwood essential oil scrub, because it has a soothing smell and sensation, but doesn’t leave me smelling like flowers all day. The small bottle is easy to travel with, and besides a little scrub goes a long way. I also love that I can trust every ingredient in the scrub. It has no crazy chemicals or preservatives, just the best nature has to offer. I spend so much money and effort on the inside of my body eating organic and exercising regularly, it only makes sense to treat the outside with the same respect. I’m so glad to finally have an effective yet healthy option!— Ryan S. Mesa, AZ

To start out I want to say I love it! Like I have told you earlier I have always suffered from very dry skin. Since using your product a couple times a week not only is my skin hydrated immediately after use but I no longer need to use lotion, which is unheard of for me. I also love the way it feels when I apply it. My skin feels nourished while using it, while so many other products feel like they are stripping my skin of its natural oils. Once again I love it and will continue using it FOREVER!— Audra

I love Salis™ salt scrub. I makes my skin feel so soft and doesn’t require me to use lotion anymore on my face. I felt really good in the winter month’s when my face gets super dry. It’s a very light scrub and smells lovely. It’s almost as if it gives a glow to your face as well. I would recommend this to anyone.— Heidi B

For years I have dealt with moderately blemished skin. Not severe acne, but not crystal clear, beautiful skin either. I regularly broke out once a month, then for the next couple weeks would deal with blemishes scabbing, looking flaky while they healed, and finally healing, only to encounter a fresh breakout when it seemed the last one had just healed. I also had never found a great way to moisturize that didn’t leave my skin looking flaky under my foundation after just a few hours of moisturing in the morning. The Salis™ Salt Scrub has offered so many improvements in all of the above problems. I use it nightly in the shower and let it soak into my face while I do my other washing, then I rinse it off and leave the oils as much as possible to let them absorb while I sleep. I literally have not had any real break outs since I started using it, besides a random blemish that might pop up when I’m stressed or lacking sleep. My skin is doing so much better that I go many days without any foundation or coverup at all! My skin always feels moist now and flakiness is a thing of the past. I love that my skin is continually looking and feeling better since using Salis™!— Michelle Jaruf

As an esthetician, I am very picky about what I put on my skin. I am also hesitant to use products with oils because my skin is very oily. But after using the lavender and jasmine salt scrub once I knew it was a quality product. I could feel the salt breaking down bacteria and my skin felt and looked healthier after wards. It doesn’t strip or overly hydrate. And I love the way it smells! Would recommend this to anyone.— Charis Mackey

I LOVE Salis™ Salt scrubs. I’m a huge fan of Real Salt so how cool is it that there is finally a scrub with the best salt ever?! I am obsessed with the lavender jasmine scent. It is so calming and wonderful! The best part of the scrub is the way my skin feels after. Like I’ve just been given a professional facial. Clean and so soft!— Chelsea Hansen

Not only does the lavender jasmine smell divine, my skin looks great!!!!! thank you Salis™ Skin Care! Cant wait to try more from you!!!!!
peace and love
— Stephanie Fisher

The Salt Scrub and straight Jojoba to moisturize is what I’ve been using on my skin and it’s cleared up a ton!— Kristi Merrill

I love the Salís Salt Scrub! I like to keep things simple and this all-in-one cleanser and moisturizer is all I need for my face-care regimen. I like that it is made from natural,organic ingredients (just salt, clay, and oil!) and smells wonderful!— Josie Ward

Want/need a facial or any skin products? wellp I know the perfect person for you.
Laura Bradford will make your skin look and feel flawless. Not to mention she has the best products for any type of skin and made with all natural ingredients. Just sayin … this lady is badass. Cheers.
— Natalia Jimenez-Lara

I had my first facial ever with Laura and it was better than I could have imagined. So relaxing. My skin felt amazing afterwards. I love that she uses all natural products. Plus she is so willing to answer questions and help you out with the specific concerns for your skin. Totally worth it to get a facial from her! I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend her to anyone.— Nicole Shehan

Laura is the best esthetician ever. Her facials are all organic and whenever I’m done, my skin is so much healthier. Also, if you haven’t had time to try her salt scrub, NOW IS THE TIME! It’s amazing. It will seriously change your life, decrease the amount of money you spend on skincare product significantly, and keep your skin healthy and young.— Ashley Cummings

LOVED my facial with Laura! She is so personable and really took the time to make sure I enjoyed my facial and receive the treatment I needed. She is so helpful and will answer any questions you have. This girl knows her stuff! I can’t wait to go back for another facial and I gladly recommend her to others!— Kelsey Bushman

I’ve had problem skin my whole life and seen numerous dermatologists and tried every concoction on my skin. It wasn’t until I went to Salis™ Skincare and met with owner and esthetician, Laura Bradford, that my skin met it’s match. The hydra facial is chemical free, relaxing, and really helped my skin. I love Laura’s line of organic salt scrubs as well, they were the only thing that cleared up my skin. If you have problem skin and have been contemplating a facial, Salis™ Skincare is the place to go.— Jeni Steinkopf

Another great facial! Thank you Laura Bradford. Ladies if you’re looking for an amazing facial check out Salis™ Skincare in Draper. The salt scrub and blackhead mask are amazing as well.— N’lssie Flores

LAURA YOU ARE MAGIC!!! My skin hasn’t looked this great in YEARS!!! Your facial was amazing and it was well worth the cost. You are seriously the best. Thank you thank you thank you!!!— Keely

Emergency! Emergency! I use the last of my sandalwood! To say I LOVE it is an understatement. I will be ordering some more ASAP..— Jamie

I have always struggled with acne, and I had it under control for over 10 years, but started to break out with what I believe was hormonal acne and my tried and true products weren’t doing the job!. I really wanted to find a new product that wasn’t so expensive and so loaded with bad chemicals. For over a year I tried different products and went back and forth with coconut oil, over the counter store bought stuff and esthetician made products. Nothing was working and my face was breaking out worse than ever before. I gave Salis a try and I am happy to say that these wonderful products have helped to bring balance to my skin. My acne didn’t get better over night, but with patience and consistency I am happy to say that my face is finally clearing up. I adjusted my routine several times and I still use my antibacterial night cream and organic facial cleanser. But I use the mineral support every day, the hydrogen peroxide and wonderful Lavender & Jasmine face scrub every morning. My face is almost acne free and very healthy and youthful looking. My skin doesn’t dry out or get super oily anymore and I rarely get cystic acne and blackheads! Thank you for such an awesome product!— Tiffany

I’m LOVING the lavender & jasmine salt scrub already! I can’t wait to wash my face every night. When it’s like 4pm I’m already counting down til bedtime:) I love the way it makes my face feel!— Hannah

I’m absolutely in love with my Calendula Scrub. It has done amazing things for my acne prone skin. I use it as a mask and what I do is gently spread it all over my face and leave it on at least until it stops tingling or as long as I have time for during the morning, then I gently rinse it off and I leave the oils from the scrub on my face and massage them into my skin.— @green_beauty_love

I’ve been dying for a full sized jar of this Salt Scrub! Last night all I used was this scrub. I masked then rubbed the residual oil into my skin and was done for the night! The salt grains are super fine which makes it a very nice exfoliator. I do recommend giving it a good mix before using as it tends to separate a bit. Oh my gosh... my skin is so happy! The only word I have to describe your Frankincense Serum is luxurious! It feels so silky smooth and rich when I put it on. Anyway ... thanks for creating something awesome!— Heidi Keele

I use your frankincense serum everyday, serum + makeup remover and Jasmine scrub once a week! Also love to leave it on for a while if I have a breakout. Your products have made my skin look and feel so much better.— Rosana