Salis Salt Scrub Directions

Our salt scrub contains salt mined from an ancient seabed in Utah, certified organic jojoba oil, and premium essential oils. The salt destroys bad bacteria, heals acne and sores, alleviates redness, and softens skin. Jojoba’s small molecular structure moisturizes skin better than lotion and carries essential oils deep into the skin. It can also help with wrinkles and make scars less noticeable. You may also see less inflammation, fewer blackheads and leave your skin glowing!


Use spatula to completely mix oil into salt scrub.


Using the spatula or clean hands, gently apply scrub to face.


Leave scrub on as a mask for 10 minutes.


Rinse face with warm water and salt will melt away.


Rub remaining oil into your skin.


Use scrub daily at first and then as needed based on how your skin looks and feels.


What to Expect

Most customers notice an immediate improvement after using our products. In some cases, your skin may take time to adjust to this new regimen of salt and oil-based cleansers. We recommend patience, consistent daily use and discontinuation of any skincare products that contain ingredients listed at You may experience more breakouts during a “purging stage” because your skin is detoxing harmful ingredients from the use of previous products. Stick with it, your skin will thank you for it!