Serum + Sandalwood

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Serum + Sandalwood

You Save: $-32.99 USD (100%)
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Should you REALLY put oil on your face? Yes! This serum has a small molecular structure that will penetrate the skin more deeply than a moisturizer. It's also amazing at removing makeup without leaving your skin dry. 

How can this serum help your skin? 

  • Prevents signs of aging
  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal
  • Balances oily or dry skin
  • Softens dry skin on the face, hands, feet, or anywhere on your body

Unique benefits of the sandalwood essential oil not found in the other serums

  • May heal wounds and scars
  • More of a musky scent
  • Great to use as an aftershave (for women and men!) 


    • Nourishing Certified Organic Jojoba Oil
    • Premium Grade Sandalwood Essential Oil 


      1. Rub a few drops all over the face or other areas of the skin
      2. Wait a few minutes then re-rub for better absorption

      NOTE: We strongly recommend that you test this product on a small portion of your skin for a few days before applying it all over. If severe irritation occurs discontinue use immediately (this is rare but please let us know if it happens).

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