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Why washing your face with honey is a waste of money!

images-27 Yes, yes. It's true. Washing your face with honey seems like the biggest waste of money to me. When I first saw this on Pintrest I actually started laughing. First of all, raw and organic honey is EXTREMELY MESSY! Washing your face with it would be very hard and time consuming. And since you only are really washing your face for 1-2 minutes, it really seems like a big waste to me. Instead I would use Salis Scrub as a face wash, or any other organic face wash you can find that has good ingredients. Really, I would spend less money on a cleanser and more money on a serum or moisturizer. Those products are staying way longer on your skin than a cleanser. Or you can get the Salis Scrub that is a 2-in-1: Cleanser and Moisturizer. What makes raw, organic, and local honey great is that it has an anti-baterial effect, and it has lots of enzymes! And you really don't want to miss out on the enzymes because they help to "eat up" the dead skin on your face. Raw Honey is also a great humectant, meaning it draws moisture to the skin. Here is how I use raw, organic, and local honey. I use it as a face mask on my face for 30 minutes before I shower. Not only is it delicious when a bit drips into your mouth, but it also revitalizes your skin! My face will actually flush a little red because the enzymes are getting rid of the dead skin and drawing blood to that area to heal the skin. Generally it only lasts for 10-15 minutes after I shower. Sometimes  a little longer. What are your thoughts? Have you ever used honey on your face?  


  • I love using raw honey as a mask before a shower as well! It is one of my favorite masks :)

  • I like to use honey with cinnamon and nutmeg as a mask. Does great things for my skin, and as a bonus I get to tell my boys I’m the Scooby-doo swamp monster, and boy do they RUN! Hahaha!

  • I know! Right Jeni?! And you have the most amazing skin!

    Salis Skincare
  • Ha ha! That is great Jeanette! I’m sure your boys love it. I love doing that mask as well!

    Salis Skincare

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