Why Am I Getting Pigmentation?

Although getting pigmentation may make many women want to swear, it's actually your body trying to help your skin! What's happening is there is protein oxidizing underneath your skin (basically the structure of the skin has become weaker). So the skin sends up a protective "balloon" of pigmentation so the skin won't oxidize anymore! Isn't that amazing?! Well, not really for most women who are wanting clear skin! What are some ways you can prevent this from happening? 1. Make sure that the skin is getting enough protein. 2. In the summer make sure to wear a hat or visor to protect the skin against prolonged sun exposure. 3. Use Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as a toner. Dilute 1 part of ACV into at 4 parts water. (more or less depending on how you like the smell). 4. Get a series of HydraFacials to help lighten pigmentation. I usually recommend doing a series of HydraFacials at Salis Skincare a week apart. And getting other skin lightening aids during that time as well. Contact us to set up a consultation.   images-12


  • I have been using the salt scrub, apple cider vinegar, and a moisturizer every day and I’ve been getting great results. However I have a few areas that are very dry. Do you have any suggestions?

    Celeste Dixon
  • Hey Cathy-

    I do consults for $15 per half hour and would be happy to help you out! Thanks!

    Salis Skincare
  • You mentioned that 13 years of acne was the catalyst for you to find solutions. You said that diet and a skin care program were the answers. Where could I find out more information?

  • Hi!

    I would use the Calendula Salis Scrub to help. It will help with pigmentation.


    Salis Skincare
  • I am 25 y.o and my skin is dry in chin,cheeks, nose and after day its became oily in my face at night and i have darkspot and pigmentation. plz help me which product i can use?


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