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What Are The Best Natural Remedies for Clogged Pores? 

Clogged pores are no fun. I think we can all agree, right?

They cause constant breakouts and inflamed skin that you’d rather not deal with! If you aren’t aware of what’s clogging up your pores in the first place, then it’s going to be a little tricky to kiss them goodbye any time soon. 

That’s what this article is for! We want to help you identify what could be contributing to your clogged pores so you can finally start to enjoy happy, healthy skin, you deserve nothing less!

So let’s dive right in!

Exfoliate With Salt Scrub

Cleansing twice a day is essential to remove all traces of dirt, oil, and grime so your pores stay open and happy. If you cleanse more than twice a day, you run the risk of your skin over-producing oil to try and make up for the lack of oil thanks to over washing. 

This excess oil clogs up the pores and contributes to blackheads and pimples. 

Another major factor of clogged pores is due to using a face wash made with harsh, synthetic ingredients that strip the skin of natural oils, which by now you know only increases your risk of excess sebum, and therefore, clogged pores. 

We also recommend exfoliating once per week to slough away dead skin on a regular basis (this may be another contributing factor to clogged pores). 

And that's why we created our Salt Scrub/Cleansers. They are a cleanser and exfoliator all-in-one, wonderfully gentle and soothing on inflamed skin, and will help to slough off dead skin so your pores are open and ready to receive nutrients from your follow-up products!

Not sure which scrub is best for you? These recommendations will help :) 

Moisturize With Jojoba Oil

Most of us need to moisturize 1-2 times daily for clear, healthy skin. If you allow your skin to dry out it will always try to make up for the lack of oil on its own, but this often ends up in an oil imbalance that clogs up the pores. 

Even better, why not try a facial oil, yes really!

Our wonderful serums are formulated with 100% pure Jojoba oil to fight inflammation and reduce acne-causing bacteria while nourishing your skin and balancing oil production. 

Use it after the scrub or other cleanser and/or throughout the day when you skin feels dry. 

Remove Impurities With Clay

If you’re not using a bentonite clay mask regularly on your skin then you are definitely missing a crucial step in your clear skin ritual!

Our Blackhead Removal Mask includes bentonite clay, along with two other powerful ingredients, that work together to refine and reduce pore size so you can enjoy a beautiful acne-free complexion!

Why not purchase our Beginner Kit, which includes all of the products mentioned in this article!

By following these simple three steps you can ensure you are doing everything you can to have happy, open pores and clear, healthy skin!

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