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6 Tips & Products For Healing Hormonal Acne

6 Tips & Products For Healing Hormonal Acne

Are you sick of getting hormonal acne on your chin each month?  This used to happen to me all the time and it would take FOREVER, and I mean FOREV...

DIY Redness Relief Mask

DIY Redness Relief Mask

Here is another mask recipe that targets redness! Green smoothies help reduce inflammation on the inside of your body, so they can help reduce red...

Client Review!

    Success story from Danielle! She does Gentle hydrafacials once a month and uses Salis Scrub (Lavender & Jasmine or Sandalwood) & th...

Excited for our new Blackhead Removal Mask!

  We're super excited to announce our Blackhead Removal Mask! We've been working on refining this mask for 2 years! It's been quite the feat! It...

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