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Salis Skincare

@familyof_lions Before and After!

 "Just wanted to show you this side by side! I started using your calendula salt scrub last Friday (hasn't event been a week!) combined with the b...

Nelssie Before and After

Loved getting this photo from Nelssie. She had been trying to get rid of her acne for a long time! When she came to see me, it took a long time t...

6 Tips & Products For Healing Hormonal Acne

6 Tips & Products For Healing Hormonal Acne

Are you sick of getting hormonal acne on your chin each month?  This used to happen to me all the time and it would take FOREVER, and I mean FOREV...

Customer Review of Lavender & Jasmine and the Blackhead Removal Mask!

I LOVE getting before and after photos! Here is one from the gorgeous Stacy who used the Lavender & Jasmine Scrub and the Blackhead Removal M...

Client Review on Instagram

    Received the most sweetest and nice review from this lovely lady on Instagram this week. These posts totally warm my soul and make me so happy...

Client Review!

    Success story from Danielle! She does Gentle hydrafacials once a month and uses Salis Scrub (Lavender & Jasmine or Sandalwood) & th...

Excited for our new Blackhead Removal Mask!

  We're super excited to announce our Blackhead Removal Mask! We've been working on refining this mask for 2 years! It's been quite the feat! It...

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