• Oh no! That’s not good! Try using an extra oil on your face at night. Like organic Jojoba, Almond, Olive, Sesame, or Apricot. That patch under your eyebrows sounds like a little spot of eczema or psoriasis. Use oil there as well! Also, make sure to take probiotics internally to help as well! Let me know if that helps.

    Salis Skincare
  • I have really oily skin, so I hate using moisturizer. It just seems to make it worse. All I use right now is the essential oils I rub in from the salt scrub. Is that enough? Also, for whatever crazy reason, I have oily skin, and yet the skin under my eyebrows is always dry and flakes off like dandruff. I’ve tried extra moisturizer just there, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. What gives?

  • I have tiny little red and white pimples on my face and also on my chest, i have tried 100s of different things and nothing seems to help. Any advise?

  • Hey Jane!

    Sorry to hear about your blemishes! So one thing I would recommend doing is taking redmond clay internally. I sell it in capsules on the products page. This will help you detox from the inside! Also, you are very right, using oils will helps your skin to produce less oil! I would use a jojoba (like the one in our Salt Scrub – I would recommend the Lavender/Jasmine SS to start out with) or using sweet almond oil. I would use the oil every night, and then take a break once a week. You should see less oil in about 2-3 weeks. Depending how oily your skin is.

    Let me know how it goes!

    Salis Skincare
  • I am 71 – have great genes from female side – BUT – have always had zits (ate lots of sugar as a young gal) and oily skin. Now my skin looks lumpy (when I squeeze the bumps I get white, thick goop). It seems to be getting worse. I have never used moisturizer (because of the zits and oily skin). I am trying different organic oils but don’t know how long to use each one to see results – I want results immediately, of course. Just read your article on Coconut oil which I had just begun to use… Oh well – any ideas? Thank you.


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