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Excited for our new Blackhead Removal Mask!

blackhead_removal   We're super excited to announce our Blackhead Removal Mask! We've been working on refining this mask for 2 years! It's been quite the feat! It is a little more tricky than other masks - so here's a quick explanation to get you started - (instructions are also on the side of the bottle) Dispense a small amount of the mask into your hand (or small mixing bowl) and mix with water to make a thin "toothpaste" consistency. Spread this over the area that you would like to treat for blackheads. Do NOT use all over the face- only on certain locations. Do not put on broken capillaries - or on cheeks that have rosacea. Wear this on your nose or affected area for 3 nights in a row! That part is important. The baking soda will emulsify the plug and the clay will pull it out. This mask also has MSM in it, which is like powdered sulfur. If you have any severe allergies to sulfur, you may need to avoid this mask. Then you'll want to take a break for 3 nights - and then start again. If you're noticing that your blackheads are getting much better, then you can take a break and then use it again if you see them come up again. If you're noticing the blackheads are not getting better, you can do 4 nights in a row. But make sure to use the Salis Salt Scrub as well, just to be safe that you don't dry your skin out. We've also noticed a huge difference in pore size! They definitely get smaller with this mask! Have questions? Ask below!

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