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We're Raising Our Prices. Here's Why.

Hello! Taylor, Lisa, and Jesse here (aka, Team Salis)

(Here’s a photo in case you forgot what we look like 😅)

We want to start this message by saying how grateful we are to all of you, our amazing friends, followers, and customers! You are the reason we continue to run Salis!

We have some important announcements and we wanted our loyal customers to know! We will be raising the prices on all of our products on June 17th at midnight MST…

BUT, you have the opportunity to get current prices for the next three months! (keep reading to learn more about that).

Why are we raising prices?

To put it bluntly, to stay in business.

Laura Bradford Howe, our amazing founder, started Salis back in 2010. She put thousands of hours into creating, researching, and marketing the products that you love! She priced the products on the very low end of the market, even though she has always used premium ingredients. This is why the products work so well!  We are committed to continuing using those same premium ingredients.

(Here’s a picture of some of the first salt scrubs Laura made back in 2011… We’ve come a long way since then!)

Laura always knew that she wasn’t charging enough and prices would need to go up in order to stay in business. But she was afraid of losing customers so  she never did it (besides adding $1 to a few of the products a handful of times.)

We want to be fully transparent. We don’t want to lose you as a customer as a result of this increase but we also know that the business can’t be sustained at the current prices. The prices of the premium ingredients we use have gone up over the last few years but our product prices haven’t kept up!

Here are some of the new ways these price changes will benefit you (for real)...

  1. We will be able to offer more sales and discounts throughout the year. More than ever before!
  2. In the next few months, we will be rolling out...
    1. Free Shipping options
    2. Subscription options

How To Get The Current Prices For The Next 3 Months

In order to get the lower prices, you need to have an account with us AND have made at least one purchase (no matter how small!) before 6/18/2019.

That means if you’ve already made a purchase in the past you’re good.

If you DO NOT have an account created

  • Go to
  • Enter your information to create an account
  • We’ll manually give you access on the backend, which can take up to 48 hours.
  • You’ll receive an email from us once  it’s set-up you’ll be good-to-go!
If you HAVE NOT made a purchase before

We’re excited to be on this skincare journey with you and hope to keep serving you for a loonnnggg time!

If you have any questions (or complaints Lol) please email us at We’re here for you and want to help in any way we can!

To Your Best Skin Ever!

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