Before and After Before and After for Maranda -   Loved getting this photo from @marandawhiting She says “The first photo was right after I went to see you and the second is one I took today. Both I have zero makeup on. My acne and redness is so much better. Just some scarring still healing. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me.” You […]
YearLater Nelssie Before and After - Loved getting this photo from Nelssie. She had been trying to get rid of her acne for a long time! When she came to see me, it took a long time to extract everything. Now, she doesn’t even need to wear makeup!!! WOW! She did Mini HydraFacials about every other month and used the Lavender […]

Salis™ Love

I use the Salis™ salt scrub, and I can honestly say that out of all of the skin care products I have ever used, this is my favorite. It’s just one product that takes care of all my needs. It eliminates the bacteria on my skin without harsh chemicals, like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, that feel like they’re eating away my skin; and then it leaves my skin super soft and ready to go without any face lotions or extras needed afterwards. The more I use it, the better my skin looks and feels. Plus, knowing that it’s just a few completely natural ingredients with no harmful, or even questionable, additives makes me feel just that much better about the product, myself, and how I’ve taken care of my skin. This product simply can’t be beat. Thank you Salis™! — Bethany Hansen

I have always struggled with acne, and I had it under control for over 10 years, but started to break out with what I believe was hormonal acne and my tried and true products weren’t doing the job!. I really wanted to find a new product that wasn’t so expensive and so loaded with bad chemicals. For over a year I tried different products and went back and forth with coconut oil, over the counter store bought stuff and esthetician made products. Nothing was working and my face was breaking out worse than ever before. I gave Salis a try and I am happy to say that these wonderful products have helped to bring balance to my skin. My acne didn’t get better over night, but with patience and consistency I am happy to say that my face is finally clearing up. I adjusted my routine several times and I still use my antibacterial night cream and organic facial cleanser. But I use the mineral support every day, the hydrogen peroxide and wonderful Lavender & Jasmine face scrub every morning. My face is almost acne free and very healthy and youthful looking. My skin doesn’t dry out or get super oily anymore and I rarely get cystic acne and blackheads! Thank you for such an awesome product! — Tiffany

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