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Welcome to Salis™ Skincare where we offer the best in natural skin care products and services. We understand how important your skin is to you, and that’s why we use 100% natural ingredients in our organic salt scrub, and during all of our facials.


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    Would you like to get a customized facial plan, specifically designed for you? Set up a private consultation today at Salis™ Skincare.

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    Learn how to take care of your skin by using all natural and organic ingredients.

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    Come have a relaxing day at Salis™ Skincare located inside Image Studios in Draper, UT. Get a chemical free and organic facial.


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Salis™ Love!

Not only does the lavender jasmine smell divine, my skin looks great!!!!! thank you Salis™ Skin Care! Cant wait to try more from you!!!!!
peace and love
— Stephanie Fisher

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